Ways to optimize your adsense Revenue

Goolge adsense program has mode it really easy to make a lot of money via a website. Most experts in the field of web engineering and in to a lot of Adsense campaign definitely show contextual ads from the Google that are relevant to the website content and thereby earn a lot of money for every ad click, as it is a PPC (Pay per Click program).


Google adsense is an intelligent ad delivery system, it deliver most relevant ads after picking up important keywords in your content. However, there are no chances of earning good money in case; you don’t know exactly how to optimize your websites adsense ads.

Here are some tips to help you in this regard.

1. What Google says?: Read the tips from official AdSense Blog hosted by Google itself. They have posted great tips for Bloggers wanting to optimize their AdSense earnings. You will get insights on how to improve your ad’s performance.

2. Use Custom Channels: Create custom channels if you are maintaining more than one blog. You can define channels for each available format at your adsense account. It will help you to identify the performance of your blog/ web pages. Google allows maximum 50 Channels per publisher ID.

3. Display near rich contents:
Choose your own Ad format, the bigger is always better. However placing ads in header, sidebars and near to contents at your single page will be a better choice. So it is advisable to always place your Adsense ads near rich content. The visitors come to see your content and they should be presented with relevant ads.

4. Customize your Ad’s display: Develop your ads customs color palette. You can opt for a color that exactly matures the background of your website. You must use Google’s tool to choose display options for various type of Ads. Google just hate using any third party tool to beautify your ads.

5. Content is the king: Create relevant contents; don’t bombard your site with Keywords or Ads. Visitors comes to your site to read specific contents and putting up relevant ads which matches your page content will have better click through.

Following all the tips mentioned above will help you optimize your adsense.

Author: Steve

One Response to “Ways to optimize your adsense Revenue”

  1. mark says:

    Exceptional post, i love the way you have explained to optimise the Adsense. I glad to know that Google released it’s own tips. Great find Steve!

    PS: I am bookmarking Google’s Adsense blog, I never knew about it.

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