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10 Ways to Increase Your Blog Subscribers

One of the greatest satisfactions as a blogger is to have lots of people following and subscribing to your blog. But, it’s not only that. You will also have more opportunity to earn more from your blog. Here are 10 ways to increase your blog subscribers:

1. Ask people to subscribe

The first thing you need to do is to ask your readers to subscribe to your blog. If you don’t ask perhaps your readers won’t know about it or even don’t care about it. So, you have to actively remind them to subscribe to your blog.

2. Give your readers a bonus for subscribing

It is good for you to give something for free as an incentive for joining to your mailing list. If you give them good incentive, they’ll become more interested to subscribe to your blog. If you give no incentive to subscribe, they will be less interested to subscribe on your blog.

3. Create a squeeze page

Create a page in your blog that you will use as a subscription page. In this page, you will list all the benefits your readers will get once they subscribe to your mailing list. By creating a special squeeze page, you will show more credibility and commitment to give valuable things to your subscribers.

4. Attract attention by commenting to other blogs

You can attract more potential subscribers by commenting to other blogs. If you become a regular commenter in other blogs, the readers of those blogs will eventually notice you, especially if you give them valuable comments. They’ll check out your blog and it will give you more potential subscribers for your blog.

5. Write quality guest post to other blogs

The better way to attract lots of new subscribers to your blog is to write quality guest posts to popular blogs. In this way, you can ask your readers to subscribe to your blog in the resource box of your guest posts. If you deliver good information, you may get lots of additional blog subscribers to your blog just by writing one quality guest post.

6. Prove your blog quality by writing quality posts

People won’t subscribe to your blog if your blog only deliver low quality content. People want value in exchange of their email address. So, you need to prove them that your blog is valuable by consistently writing quality posts for your blog.

7. Give many advantages for your subscribers

Make sure to let your potential subscribers know about various advantages of subscribing to your blog. Your blog subscription must have good things to offer in order to attract interest of your readers.

8. Make it visible

Place the subscription form in the sidebar of your blog or at least let them know about your blog subscription in the sidebar or in the place where it is visible for your readers. In this way, you are not hiding your subscription from your readers.

9. Increase your blog traffic

In order to attract more subscribers to your blog, you need to attract more traffic to it. Start marketing your blog with various free or paid methods to attract more traffic to your blog.

10. Create a fan page

Facebook fan page is a good place for you to connect socially with your potential subscribers. You can create a fan page and offer your blog subscription there.

Those are 10 ways to attract more subscribers to your blog. Although you can use many other different ways, those 10 ways are enough for you to increase your subscribers. Most popular blogs use at least 3 of those methods to attract more subscribers to their blog.

7 Tips to Create Super Content for Your Website

No matter what the topic of your website, people come to your website to find good content. If they can find good content in your website, they will keep coming back for more. But, what if you can give them super content? How your visitors will react to that content? They will bookmark your content and read it over and over. They will also share your content to their friends and family through email and social media platforms. So, how to create a super content? Here are 7 tips you can apply to create super content for your website:

1. Aim for 1000 words or more

Regular content may only fall in 500 words, but if you want to create great content, aim for 1000 words or more. This length of content is suitable if you want to publish content to high quality website or blog.

2. Provide detailed information on the subject

If you want people to feel satisfied after reading your content, you should provide deep and detailed information about the subject in your article. Make sure that the article gives enough information about the topic.

3. Insert related keywords in your content

In order to create super content that attracts more readers and rank high in the search engine, you need to insert related keywords to your article. Not just one keyword, but several related keywords that you want to target. SEO experts call those keywords LSI keywords.

4. Format your content and make it easier to read

Internet users are lazy to read. This is a fact. So, you need to make it easy and hassle-free for them to scan your content and eventually invite them to read it. Use bullet points, lists, and subheads so that your readers can scan your article quickly. Remember that your subheads, lists, and bullet points must be interesting to invite them to actually read your content.

5. Create good title, opening, and closing

The three important parts of your article are title, opening paragraph, closing paragraph. Make your title as enticing as possible so that people want to click on it. Make your opening paragraph as interesting as possible so that your readers want to read your article. And make your closing paragraph as impressive as possible so that it will bring the satisfaction to your readers after reading your article.

6. Create the necessary flow

Write your content as relaxed as possible. Follow your flow and don’t make your content rigid and hard to read. Flowing and easy to read content will win over your reader’s attention. Without the necessary flow, you won’t attract the interest of your readers to keep reading your content. Remember that what makes your readers to stop reading in the middle of your article is the lack of flow. They will choose to quit reading if your article is hard to read.

7. Make your information valuable

No matter what you are writing about, you must make your information valuable to your readers. Satisfy their curiosity about the subject. Help them as much as possible with your content. Make your readers to bookmark your content because they know how valuable it is. Make your content worth reading more than twice.

If you can create that kind of super content, your website will be flooded with more and more traffic. Can you believe it?

Surprising Ways Great Headlines can Affect Your Conversion Rate and What You Can Do

In content creation, great headlines are important to attract good traffic. Good traffic means large amount of visitors that convert; huge amount of visitors that buy your product(s) or follow your suggestion(s). In order to effectively complement other marketing techniques, you need to write great headlines for your contents to get people interested in reading your posts.

Unfortunately, great headlines alone can be a waste of time if it is not closely followed with deep, practical articles that actually convert readers to buyers.

Granted, visitors are constantly attracted to headlines that contain numbers for example ‘97 Ways to Find High Quality E-books on Amazon’ or ‘The 7 Secrets You Need to Become Number 1 Copywriter’.  This is because of the ease of reading numbered or bulleted information. However, these kinds of articles usually contain less information than the deep, practical ones and are not always the best for your visitors.

Hence, a practical, sophisticated article will impress your readers and compel them to be willing to know more. Also, having a bit more detail plus analysis would make your posts more interesting. A solid idea is to make sure those superficial articles are interlinked with deep practical articles that are likely to convert your reader. Still, great headlines, surprisingly, will help your article to find its way to the front of a reader who’d actually buy.

Great Headlines Can Increase Visitors but Reduce Conversion Rate

Converting a visitor actually involves convincing him or her of your expertise by providing very good quality content whereas attracting more audience requires both search engine optimization and solid marketing techniques. When an article converts, it will lead to more sales or subscribers. While an article can get high traffic but less conversion, some articles bring less traffic plus high conversion. You would have heard that more traffic does not necessarily mean more money.

In fact, experience reveals that sites that focus on writing only deep, practical articles have higher conversion rate compared to those which write great headlines to attract their visitors.

Articles with Great Headlines Can be Alternated with Deep, Practical Articles to Increase Conversion

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to come up with great headlines for those solid articles you write in order not to distort the information you are trying to pass. It is advisable to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  alternate these kinds of articles in-between articles with magnetic headlines. Thus, when visitors are attracted by those articles with magnetic headlines, they will stay because of the deep, practical ones.

Great Headlines Can be Used for Deep, Practical Articles if Possible for Excellent Returns

Many other people have found great success in coming up with great headlines for all their articles. That way, both practical and superficial articles will highly magnetize your visitors.  This is what you should strive for. Internet users are busy and are usually attracted to whatever pins their attention.

Lastly, the use of great headlines in creating web contents cannot be ignored because of their ability to attract a lot of tweets, retweeting, bookmarks, etc. You may not always be able to come up with ‘a zillion ways to achieve something’, however having a few magnetic articles that are really in-depth is extremely important.

5 Secrets Top Bloggers Have Always Used To Stay on Top

Every business has its success secrets- the tricks of the game; the underground rules; the top revelations etc. Blogging has been constantly ruled by a top 5% of people who understand the rules of the game.

Interestingly, these people have been able to stare at failure in the face and still forge ahead. Social media, especially blogging, is similar in many respects to the social world.

Look at the celebrities of all time who have made huge impact on the world; they all have something in common if you watch them carefully. Surprisingly, many of them did not actually play it safe. They succeeded by adapting their strategies to changing times and doing what they loved to do most.

#1 Secret of Top Bloggers: Create Your Own Brand

Do what you say and say what you do. Stand for your opinions no matter what. When you make mistakes, you should have the courage to correct them. Additionally, you should be ready to prove and support whatever you believe in.

Always remember that there is a high chance you’d find people who love you just the way you are; so, why not be yourself to them. Create that air of personality and an embodiment of your own brand. This is the secret of turning your visitors to loyal fans.

#2 Secret of Top Bloggers: Write Good Quality Articles all the Time

In order words, deliver on your promise all the time. Your readers are looking up to you. They expect that you have experience and have done all the required research to help them. Writing superficial, half-baked articles would contradict your promise and disappoint your readers.

From research, many internet surfers have agreed that what turns them off the most on a site is poorly written content with grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes or lack of logic.

#3 Secret of Top Bloggers: Be Focused and Effective

Focus usually breeds effectiveness. You need to have a mission you are working at. All the greatest brands you can ever think of have succeeded in developing products that are focused and effective.

Top bloggers have simple but effective ways of presenting their information and selling their products at the same time. Great bloggers put the sales of their products into consideration when writing their articles.

#4 Secret of Top Bloggers: Avoid Being Mr. Perfect

You would agree that the greatest enemy of your creativity is your own self. This is normal because of your deep crave to be perfect. Until you begin to see yourself as an on-going perfection rather than a perfect person, you may continue to stifle your creativity.

Seeing yourself as a work in progress will help you easily adapt to the rapidly changing situations and challenges of blogging.

#5 Secret of Top Bloggers: Have a Drive that Transcends Money-Making

Ultimately, rough times quickly douse passion and kill creativity. The way out is to develop a personal drive for your blog that transcends money-making. You would have noticed that top bloggers speak, write books, coach etc.

They aren’t just blogging for the sake of generating income from the blogs alone. You would do yourself a great good to learn the secret of top bloggers and tap from their far-reaching insights by studying their lifestyles and progress.

In conclusion, to join the rank of top bloggers, you need to be your own brand on a personal mission.

The 7 Key Elements of Irresistible Blogs You can Apply

Having a blog to complement a website is now a very important aspect of internet marketing. Yet many online businesses have gained very little from having a blog aside the additional benefit of search engine optimization.

This is because they often under-utilize their blogs. Still, blogs are a very powerful marketing tool and should not be neglected. Even if you have failed in running a successful blog in the past, you can start all over and achieve great success.

Irresistible blogs exhibit certain attributes that seem to be the key elements of successful blogs. Consider the following and see where the missing link is.

Commitment to Audience (Consistency)

The first and most important principle in blogging is commitment and consistency. Visitors get more attracted to blogs that will take them through a series of courses or a blog that has an agenda for a long period of time. When you consistently post rich articles, your visitors will increase, and the value of your product or service will also increase. A good way to keep your visitors engaged is to write a ‘series’ on a particular topic and then move on to another topic from time to time.

Adapting to Audience Type

A lot of bloggers miss this aspect. Once you begin to have some visitors, you are likely to notice a trend in the types of visitors you get. Attend to their questions and write posts related to their interests. In short, keep them by giving them what they want.

Focusing on the ‘YOU’ and not ‘I’

Interestingly, it has been said that the most important word in communication is ‘You’. Many blogs fill their pages with ‘I’ and stories about themselves alone. Always ensure you have more ‘You’ in your posts than ‘I’

Rich and Interesting Posts

Furthermore, you need to be excited about what you are blogging about. It is this excitement that will catch the fancy of your visitors. Truly, there is no new information; information is always somewhere already. What matters is your perspective to that subject; that is what makes it fresh. So, keep your posts exciting with your unique point of view.

Exclusive Blog Promotion

Moreover, blogs should be promoted through every available means. You need to spend some time to market your blog. Use all the means you currently know to market your blog; optimize the content for search engines, cross-link the posts, write comments on other blogs, share your posts on social networks, write guest posts and link back to your blog, link to your blog on every material you have etc. In particular, you need to participate in your comment section and ensure you link to other posts in your blog.

Focus on a Niche

Additionally, you need to keep your radar focused on the need of a particular audience type. Once your blog is established as an authority in a particular niche area, you are on your way to success.

Variety of Interesting Posts

Lastly, introduce variety to your blog even though you are writing on a niche area. Remember, your audience can get bored if you consistently write on a monotonous subject. You can achieve this by getting guest posts from experts in your niche area or writing on a related topic that complements your niche topic.

In conclusion, regularly writing good articles is the secret of retaining your visitors while aggressively promoting your blog is the secret of getting new visitors. So, you need to consistently do these two important things to achieve success.

How Blog and ping can boost your traffic

What is ‘Blog-and-ping’? it is a term that defines a technique that helps you make a post on your blog, use the in-built feature of your blog software and sending out a ‘ping’ to different blog directories thereby notifying them that you have already added a new post on your blog.

A ‘ping’ can also be referred to as a great way of notifying many blog directories and blog search engines via following an industry standard way.

Blogs are a favorite to of search engines. This is because blogs are stuffed with a lot of ‘useful’ content.

Experts also feel that Blog and ping are a great way to increase traffic to your website.

Yes, you can actually increase the success prospects of your website via Blog-and-ping.

A blog can be referred to as a short way of web log saying. This can also be compared to a journal or dairy on the World Wide Web. Blogs can include a lot of things other than just personal information. Blogs can include the following:

  1. History
  2. Challenges
  3. History
  4. Thoughts
  5. News

Blogs need to be refreshed and added new content on a regular basis.

On the other hand ping sends out a messages to a different server or computer to get response.

Blog-and-ping helps providing a good amount of traffic to your website.

Hence, it would be a good idea to write a regular blog and ping the search engines. This will make your website indexed faster than normal.

Inside tips on creating a successful landing page

Are you serious about creating a successful landing page? If yes, you need to consider a lot of things. Yes. It is very necessary to follow some rules if you want to create a good, popular and result oriented landing page.

Here are some superb tips to create a successful landing page:

  1. Visitor requirements:
    A landing page will be termed successful only if it contains all that a visitor wants. Hence, it is very necessary to keep in mind the requirements of a visitor when creating a landing page.
  2. The links:
    The linking architecture should be simple and user friendly. Remember that hitting the back button is easier as compared to any other button.
  3. Headline:
    You must add an impressive headline to your landing page. Do not write a boring keyword-stuffed headline. This is very boring for the client too.
  4. Clean design:
    Remember that the landing page is not your home page. The design should be kept as simple as possible. The prime motive of the landing page is to make the visitor go towards the main action.
  5. Easy to scan:
    The text should be extremely easy to scan. The readers will never appreciate a big boring block of text. Divide the content into small paragraphs.
  6. Place in order:
    You need to focus more on what’s very important. In short, know what your visitor wants and act accordingly.
  7. Real testimonials:
    Testimonials sell fast. You can try placing a couple of these in a side bar on the landing page.
  8. Test:
    You must test the landing page on a regular basis. This will keep it in working condition and provide you good rewards.

Blog comments – Top reasons to comment on blogs

Blog comments are powerful enough to attract a lot of readers. You can actually read what you desire. It is all about your own will. Blog comments mean what you want to talk about. If you are still not convinced about using comments on blogs, here are top and reasons you should do.

  1. Your identity: In case, you manage to leave comment on a blog regularly, the blog owner will know you and your website really well. Now, when you leave comment on many blogs together you would be recognized socially in the blogging commenting. This is the best way to gain a lot of brand recognition and popularity for your personal blog.
  2. Build community: Remember that a community is built only by its’ people and their opinions when you leave comments, you are displaying your concern and desire to share your opinion with other as well as the blog’s owner. Now, most comments can be in a form of suggestion, criticism, appreciation or feedback.
  3. Achieve you goals: You need to leave comment as this is the best and the only way the owner of the blog can analyze your goals without any sort of direct or indirect communication.
  4. Link building and traffic: Many blogs, these days let you leave the links of your website while writing comments for the blog. This will further help you in achieving amazing inbound links and traffic to your website.
  5. Sell: If you are providing a service or sell a product, commenting on a blog will really help. It is a kind of cheap advertising for you.

Optimizing Your Blog—What, When and Why?

Blog or weblogs are perhaps one of the simplest publishing tools available today and this is the most efficient ways to boost traffic to your site. They are easy to manage and post, and relatively simple to install within no time.

Can you help me choosing a Blog for me?

Nowadays there are countless blogs coming up every day as it’s an easy ways to get your blog up and running. There are nos. of publishing platform available today but you should prefer only authentic and legitimate blogging platform which are of repute in the online world, such as WordPress and Blogger. (Both are available as hosted services as well as you can host them in your own domain).

What is a Good blog in layman’s terms?

No matter what type of blog you may have but the end objective is to get as much traffic as possible on your website. To behave like a wise and well informed blog owner, you need to work on your own specialization. For example if you are running a business blog, then instead of posting personal stuffs post what you know about business, you must post what people like to see and why.

Perhaps they don’t come to your blog to read your own views but in search to find what they want. So if you are able to satisfy their needs you are a king within no time. Frankly, that’s the main difference between a good and bad blog.

But how readers will find my blog?

SE’s and Social Networks are the best source to gain regular readers for your blog. To understand the whole issue you need to put yourself in their shoes. When you need some particular information you in a majority of cases go to any popular search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Actually these search engines send millions of interested people to websites listed in their index. However they don’t care for the websites or blogs which aren’t indexed.

Write for humans and allow SE’s to index your blog.

So the first thing is to get your website or blog indexed by all major search engines. You as a blog owner must therefore know how to write a suitable content for search engines as well as human visitors. In case you have written content for just search engines then search engines may send traffic to you but once your visitors don’t find what they were originally looking for then they will turn off their face immediately.

However, in the recent time even search engines have become intelligent so even they won’t be interested in the content which is not written suitably for human visitors. Now the million dollar question that may come into your mind can be: is it possible to write for search engines and human visitors at the same time, why not…it can be.

Practically writing for search engines and human visitors is not mutually exclusive thing at all. By writing good content with various keyword density and placement rules in mind we can easily achieve that.

Get an exclusive design for your blog.

Next, important issue with every blog is the template used. Most people have a wrong notion that looks don’t count when it comes to blogs, as a result they may use any out of the box or outdated blog template. This is just like putting a best cooked recipe in a shabby plate.

No one would ever like to eat in a dirty plate no matter how best you might have cooked that food. Same applies to the blog template. Use some free templates available and try to do some customization. If you aren’t able to do that hire some professional and get it done. If you aren’t literally hard on your budget then try some professional and ask him to create a unique template for your blog.

If you are looking for an SEO friendly theme, why you don’t choose Talian or Beyond2010, these are highly optimized themes and I am updating these frequently to work better with the latest version of wordpress.

Optimize your blog with the help of SEO Plugins.

I assume you have quality contents, now it’s time to use some plugins which help you to optimize the dynamic pages. I suggest use All-in-one-SEO- Plugin, it allows you to create custom titles, keywords and descriptions for your blog. I am using this from last 2 years and I am 100% satisfied with the performance. It allows you do lots of other things such as using no-index for archives or tags to prevent duplicate content penalty.

Create a sitemap for your blog.

Sitemap are essential to get your blog indexed in SE’s. If you are using my themes, you have additional advantage of creating a sitemap other wise you need another plug-in that generate a sitemap for you. With the latest version of wordpress I didn’t tested the plugins, so I can’t suggest any right now, but if needed I will write the sitemap generator code for any theme you are using for your blog.

Create a monthly submission plan.

Submit your blog to Search Engines, directories and various blog directories, but be careful, too many submissions may be a disaster and SE’s may found it spammy. So avoid bulk submissions at once and create a monthly submission plan. Track your successful submission and resubmit the same again. The process is slow, but is better for health of your blog.

Optimize your RSS feeds.

Next most important thing for better optimization is to use RSS feeds. All blogs have default RSS URL as well as many external tools such as Feedburner is providing excellent ways to optimize and share your feeds to World Wide Web. Always place your RSS URL on a place where everybody can see, like top left or top right sidebars. They have countless benefits by linking your blog to many useful resources. Offer your blog visitors with RSS & feed subscription buttons to help them subscribe to your blog instantly. If some of them don’t like to get RSS readers then offer them with emails.

Get social, brag about your blog.

Social networks are wonderful source of traffic. You need to choose few good networks and be an active contributor. Places like Digg, Facebook, Twitter and many others helps you gain virtual friends and regular readers. I am putting up my list soon, meanwhile you can see a list of social networks at Wikipedia.

Do some Internal Linking to gain authority pages.

Finally, each post you write put the link of relevant pages of your site. This way your readers will find exactly what they need. Try to make your navigation as simpler as possible and put everything open which is on the deep pages on the first page itself with deep linking. Try to persuade them that they have something more interesting in the deep pages and hold them on by providing them more and more useful content.

There are many useful Plug-ins available but never overload your blog with every of them. And, now the important part, do regular with your postings because with frequent postings you are more likely indexed by Googlebot and other bots on the Internet. Needless to say what benefits you may have if they often visit you. Most of these bots love updating fresh sites, so it makes sense to feed them with what they want.

This post is an continuation of SEO Tips for blogs, I am putting together more useful stuffs for my readers later in this post.