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Business promotion-Using video to enhance your business prospects

These days, there are several methods available to promote a business. With the advancement in technology, we have come a long way and the technologies and sources available for business promotion is no exception.

Using video is a great way to promote a business. In fact, the use of internet video has supported many individuals to reap more profits in their business. Another reason is that more and more people across the globe, these days are accessing the internet. Hence, using video on the World Wide Web will give your business more value and popularity among your potential customers.

Here is how use of internet video can promote your business:

    Demonstration of products:
    For many years, people have created different ways to exhibit the quality and features of their products to their clients. The internet video option will allow you to go through the whole process ‘in action’ and to convince a customer to purchase.
    Building confidence:
    Once, the potential customers actually see how your product functions online, he or she will gain a lot of confidence on your product. This ultimately wins you the trust of the customer and thereby giving you more sales.
    Problem solving:
    You can also give good customer services via creating video to resolve common problems of the customer.
    Marketing materials:
    Last but not the least, if you upload product demonstration videos online, affiliate marketers can use these to promote your products and you can save a lot of money on marketing.

7 Easy Ways to Market on Video Sharing Sites like Youtube

Do you want to take advantage of the online buzz brought by online video sharing websites like Youtube? There are plenty of ways to promote or market your website or product on high traffic video sharing websites like Youtube. Here are some tips to get your started:

  • Create a funny or interesting video. Highly entertaining videos get more traffic than those done half-heartedly. Think of new concepts or try to improvise by looking at highly-viewed videos on Youtube. Think of a video that can entertain and catch the user’s attention, while subtly promoting a link to your products or website.
  • The video should be related or topical to the product or website you are marketing, or should have relationship. It’s hard to promote a certain product or website if the overall theme of the video is entirely different. Make sure to make the best out of your video by inserting some lines or remarks about your product or website. Say the name of your product or website at certain intervals. That should pass a very good message to your audience.
  • Add text links or watermark links. Download a third-party application that will allow you to insert text links before the opening and after the ending sequences of your video. If you can find more reliable software that will allow you to insert watermarked texts or links in your video throughout its duration, then that would be a better alternative. Links will not only point users to where your products or websites can be found, but it should also help you build a fan-base when more and more users start looking for your videos online. It would be perfect to have an increased following for videos which are related to the products or websites.
  • Maximize the use of video tags. One of the best tools on Youtube is the video tags or keywords. Tags help categorize your videos and make it easier for online users to find them. One of the best ways to find the right tags for your video is to conduct research on several keywords or tags you plan to use. Key in your tags on the Youtube search bar and look for videos related to those keywords.

    Strong or highly viewed videos should be studied. If you find any excellent tags placed or used on those videos, you can improvise on those tags when you create your own. Find plenty of strong keywords or tags, and mix them up or you can select those tags which are appropriate to the type of video you are promoting.

  • Comment on other people’s videos. One of the best ways to get fresh traffic to your own videos is by commenting on other people’s videos and asking them to visit your video section or home page. Make sure the comments you are going to add on other people’s videos are topical and neither vulgar nor discriminating. Your popularity ratings on the Youtube Video Community can be affected by the impression you make through your video comments.
  • The Video Reply strategy. If you find videos that are related to your own, then make a video reply or provide a link on the user profile that posted that video so that other people can also see what you have to say. Video replies are very essential when marketing on categorical or topical videos.
  • Email videos to your friends and relatives. Youtube provides a shortcut on every video console where you can send the link to your friends and relatives. Use this to get additional traffic. Get people to see your videos by sending those links over to them.

Marketing on Youtube 3 Quick Tips

So you want to market your products or services using video sharing websites like Youtube? There are several ways to get your message across your target audience.

Youtube is one of the more popular online video sharing websites, and commands a very large audience from many parts of the World. The exposure rate of an advertising venture using this website or other video sharing sites can exponentially grow using various sure-fire strategies.

There are 3 quick tips that one should know and follow if one wants to have a good start in marketing utilizing online video sharing sites.

Create a Funny or Interesting Video

Funny or otherwise intellectually-challenging videos often have a huge impact on different age-groups and social categories. A witty or funny video which shows the uses of your products or a funny skit with occasional remarks or comments about your product or website can have a very good effect on your campaign.

Trivia-related videos are also in demand on video sharing sites. If one is selling or promoting his personal brand of shoes, a good video showing the parts of the shoes and how the shoes were manufactured would make an interesting video. For computer-savvy individuals, an animated show on what a person gets if he or she wears those shoes could create an instant hit among viewers.

Make sure that your videos can be viewed by everyone. Do not plug or use vulgar, racist or sexual comments on your videos because these will surely get your video banned. Be wary of the age limitations for certain videos and try to capture a wider market by making your videos viewable by the general public.

Add links on your videos

A text link or watermarked link to your products’ page or your website’s homepage, strategically placed on your video is very important if you wish to maximize the Youtube potential. Although these links cannot be clicked by the viewers, there’s a good chance, depending on how the video is made and presented, that the audience will be enticed to view your website, most specially if you have created an entertaining video that sustains interest.

Viewers would often want to acquire additional information about a certain product, service or idea if the video that was used to present it has been successful in stirring awareness among its audience. Also, if one video captures people’s interest, more likely, a fan-base for upcoming videos coming from the same author is generated, and this creates a good traffic source for your website.

Links can be strategically placed or presented before the opening and after the closing scenes of your video. You may also opt to use third-party software to embed a watermarked text on your video while it is playing. That way, you can promote your product or website all throughout the video presentation.

Use the right keywords

Youtube requires the use of keywords or video tags to properly identify or categorize videos. Web marketers should research on the more popular tags used by viewers to arrive at a rival or competing video, and try to copy or use the same tags. Better yet, improvise by using alternate tags or more popular tags. This is one of the best ways to get your videos organized properly on Youtube and get a possible fan-base.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of YouTube

Does marketing your products through online videos interest you? If it does, then this article is for you. Read on. If it does not interest you at this time, you could be missing a lot!

There are plenty of ways to start a very viable online marketing campaign using already existing systems like social networks and video sharing websites. Youtube, one of the highly visited video sharing hubs on the internet, has sparked a lot of interest from both web users and web marketers alike. Youtube gives users the ability to upload and share videos online. Youtube also allows users to communicate with each other through online messaging systems and via video comments.

Indeed, Youtube has made a very huge impact on how videos are displayed, shared and even promoted online. Yes, Youtube plays a very vital role in today’s marketing drives. Online marketers utilize Youtube not only to promote newest trends, their latest product line or even just a simple link to their website; web marketers have realized the potential of video sharing websites in bringing in large traffic and sales.

But many people are asking just how viable marketing on Youtube and other video sharing websites is, and what are the best steps to take should one decides to have a very aggressive stance in marketing on these platforms. Here are some tips:

  • Be mindful of colors and lighting impressions during the start and end of your video. It’s always a good idea to start with a darker shade, or just a plain black background with the title or the URL of your source or website emblazoned on the first slide.
  • Consider the overall theme of your video. Most online users love viewing intriguing and funny videos. Keep the viewers interest in check by going over the video with some people before uploading it on Youtube. If most of your friends love it, then many online users would probably like it as well.
  • For maximum exposure, make sure that your video is topical or related to the product you are promoting. Do not waste away your marketing efforts by promoting a different product and having a different theme on your video. If the video and the product are not related then there’s a good chance that it won’t be recalled by the audience at all.
  • One of the most important things to consider before starting a Youtube video is the budget. Always make sure that you have the necessary budget to purchase the things you need for the video. Would the video require you to wear an outfit or probably carry a trendy new bag? For short and simple product videos there’s very minimal budgeting required.
  • Use Youtube video tags to your advantage. To get your videos properly categorized or indexed, make sure to write down all the necessary tags related to your video. Do not jot down senseless or non-topical keywords as this will not add value on your bid to create impact on your product or service through the presentation of your video.

Youtube is an excellent tool for marketing, and if a web marketer uses it properly by following the website’s guidelines, then it’s going to be worth the effort. Widgets Video Sharing

One of the most popular online social networks is Hundreds and thousands to millions of users from different age groups and social classes visit to connect with friends, to meet new people and to chat with loved ones. is a very social venue online and more and more people are seeing the wider picture, of how the MySpace social hub can be transformed into a more profitable venture. Indeed, web marketers understand the great potential of social networks, in not only gathering people, but creating a place where people can share information and ideas.

The social network has recently introduced new tools and applications which can help improve user interaction and communication. Tools, otherwise known as widgets, help users in their day-to-day activities on the social community. There are tools for music sharing, chatting, photo presentations and video sharing. For this article, the video sharing widgets will be discussed, and how web marketers can use the video widgets on to promote their products or websites.

A few of the more popular video sharing tools on are the following:

User profiles on may post embedded videos from These videos may represent a particular age group or social class. For web marketers, these videos play a very crucial role in the promotion of products and websites. Well-placed ads at the beginning of the video or after the last scene can be used to promote a link to the web marketer’s website.

Widgets may also run third-party applications from is an excellent source of music videos, and can be utilized to present music videos on Dappit is actually a music video player, and can be used to run specific types of videos. Marketing-laced videos can be presented using this widget.

You find some interesting stuff on your way to work, and you take a picture or video of it using your cellphone. Now you want to upload that video on allows mobile videos to be uploaded on This is an excellent tool for those who wish to start their own marketing v-logs. Short videos about certain activities which may or may not be related to a product a web marketer is promoting can be used via this widget. However, for those who wish to maximize the feature, there are several strategies to also improve marketing-laced mobile videos and use them to promote products and websites on That will be discussed in later articles.

These are some of the well-known video widgets on which can be used by web marketers for promotions and advertising. With the right imagination, marketing videos can give a good turn out on social networks.

Marketing on using Web Applications Video Widgets

The World as Your Audience

Video Sharing is one of the more popular uses of the latest web applications, also called widgets that are built in on the user profiles of social community. Social communities allow people to share and comment on the latest videos they can find online. allows users to tap a popular third-party website,, and use videos on that website to present on their user profiles. has a tool called SkinFlix, which allows users to pick a video from and present it using a whole new package. This means that videos can be splashed up or improved using various decorations or frames. Skinflix can be used to add small stars or fireworks on particular parts or sections of the video, thereby making it more catchy and entertaining.

In terms of marketing, SkinFlix does not provide its own separate “touch”, but it can enhance a video by providing it “more icing”.

Videos play an important role in marketing products and websites on social communities. With the right video-editing tool, a web marketer can create or produce highly entertaining or funny videos, with links posted or watermarked at certain sections. SkinFlix can be used to “spice up” videos and make them more catchy to a particular audience.

Videos may contain an ad insert about a particular product or may talk about a specific service that a web marketer promotes. And since lots of people in the social community get to view these videos, chances are the amount of traffic to a particular website, where the link points to from the video will increase. High traffic volume provides a better chance for more sales and revenues.

The best way to present a marketing video on a social network user profile is by inserting funny or entertaining lines throughout the video. A web marketer has a choice of making a video on his own or with a production team

Links may be added before the opening scenes or after the closing scenes of the video. It can also be watermarked so as to appear at a particular corner of the video itself. Different variations in the link or ad may affect the marketing scheme for the video.

One of the more important things to remember when posting videos on social communities is that they should cater to the age and viewer preferences of the social community. It is not advised to show videos that are vulgar, obscene, racist or even sexual in nature. Videos may be put down or permanently removed from a user’s profile if they are not following the conditions and guidelines of the social community.

Starting a Simple Video Concept for Youtube Marketing Q&A’s and Trivias

So you want to make a video to help your marketing campaigns on online video sharing websites? How are you going to do the promotions? What will be the concept or theme of your video?

There are many ways to make a video that you can post on video sharing websites like Youtube. Even the simplest picture slideshow using Windows Movie Maker can pass as online video worth sharing with your friends or family. However, for marketing campaigns a good video concept and script will be needed if you wish to capture users’ interests. There are several existing concepts from videos on Youtube which have been surveyed and compiled on this article.

Among the more popular video marketing concepts or themes are the following:

Q & A’s

Several videos online were created to answer a specific question which might fall under different categories. However the more common questions or interviews that are raised often fall under the academic, entertainment, religious or political categories. Many web marketers try to answer a pressing issue using Q&A videos while at the same time promoting their products and websites.

One thing to note about Q&A videos is that it should be strategically made to answer a specific question which is related or advantageous to the product or website a web marketer is promoting. Aside from it being more helpful to the users who will be viewing the video, it can add depth to the video and help it spread faster on Youtube.

Many online users have recently searched for Q&A videos or news interviews related to celebrities and political icons. This means that as times change the interests and trends of users change as well. So it is best to be wary of this fact and try to adjust or make videos with the foresight of answering an upcoming question or public issue.


Videos containing some trivia are also widely viewed on online video sharing websites. Users are always very curious to know about new and interesting ideas or things online. It’s best to answer or supply their curiosity with some trivia, while promoting your website or product. The video trivia can be a moving video or a set of still images and text presented as a slideshow.

Many web marketers have tried disguising themselves while presenting trivia videos in the hope of raising the audience interest. In most cases this strategy is very effective.

There are many strategies and concepts a web marketer can use to capture lots of traffic and sales using video sharing websites. With the right concept and plenty of imagination, a web marketer can really present new and interesting themes and achieve a good fan-base on video sharing websites.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Need another marketing strategy that will help your present campaigns? Would you like to promote your products utilizing online video sharing websites? Well, there are plenty of ways to harness the power of video sharing websites like Youtube. Youtube has become a very popular videos sharing website, and millions of users visit the site to upload, share and comment on videos. There are certainly plenty of ways to get a good grip on a Youtube marketing initiative. But it’s best to narrow it down to two – two of the most important things to remember before starting a Youtube marketing campaign.

Entertaining Videos

Create a funny or entertaining video. One of the most important things to remember when marketing on a video sharing website is to create or gather quality and highly entertaining videos. Your video won’t acquire plenty of views if it shows random and non-topical images compiled into a video using some cheesy music and some poorly-executed Movie-maker editing. Remember, videos are what people want to see on video sharing sites and not some menagerie of pictures you’ve gathered from image sites or from the Search Engines.

If you feel like you don’t have the much needed skills in editing videos but you have an entertaining flair in presenting products, then you can surely create a small video featuring yourself. Making a funny skit, an online trivia or even a Q & A video, can help start a very good marketing buzz on Youtube.

And one of the things to remember when creating the script for the video is to remove vulgar, obscene, racist or sexual undertones as they can get your videos banned from Youtube in a blink. Make sure your videos can be viewed by the general audience.


The second most important aspect of marketing on Youtube are tags. Yes, unknown to some people, tags play a very crucial role in the identification and categorizing of videos on Youtube. Without tags, videos tend to get lost or cast away among hundreds of thousands or even millions of videos stored in the Youtube video database. Tags greatly help videos easily get pulled up whenever a user searches for a related or topical information.

Before adding tags to your videos make a small survey. Research on the more popular tags used by a rival or competing video and then improvise on those keyword tags for your own videos. If your keyword tags don’t have any competition on the Youtube search index, then you have probably used a really strange keyword tag or your keyword tag is not that popular to merit a single search result. Play with multiple keyword tags. Use as many as you can use, as long as they are topical or related to the videos you are promoting or marketing on Youtube.

Tags will also be very useful later on when you start sharing your videos with other people or getting comments from them. The more popular your videos become, the more often it would appear on the list of more viewed videos from the search index or even the Youtube main page.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Those were the two most important things to remember when marketing on Youtube.

Marketing on using Web Applications Music Widgets

Online applications or widgets installed on social profiles add flexibility and better interaction between different users on the social community. Music Widgets allow users to share their interests in music by connecting to third-party sites which provide playlists of popular music or allow users to download new songs through their social profile. Other widgets allow users to edit and share photos or give users the ability to send different photos via email to people on their address book. And more widgets provide chat and gaming capabilities to users, adding a fresh touch to user interaction via different social profiles and social network accounts.

For this article, music widgets will be discussed, and a few examples will be provided. Here are some of the latest music widgets added on and some details on how web marketers can turn them into a viable marketing project.

The Imeem widget allows social network users access a large music database on the imeem network. Play lists and songs can be downloaded or run on social profiles that have enabled the imeem widget.

Users who have accounts on can save their own favorite music on the imeem network, which can then be run or operated from the console of their social account or profile on Saved music on the network can be run by different users on their own social profiles. Hundreds and thousands of users can have access to the saved music anytime.

There is a great potential in transforming this widget into a viable marketing strategy. Not only songs can be added on the network. Voice ads can also be uploaded. If a web marketer can run voice ads very similar to how music is played on various social profiles, then it’s an entirely new way of advertising on social networks. People who will be viewing the social profile will most likely hear what you have to promote. This strategy however has its limitations. Visual ads are often retained more by online users than voice ads. A duality of this marketing campaign – wherein both voice ads and visual ads are presented on a social profile, will translate to a more effective marketing strategy.

My Music Widget

The My Music widget works very similar to Many users prefer the use of this widget, as it is connected with the iTunes library. If you can inject an alternating voice ad and music play list on a social profile, then that can greatly help the web marketing campaign. Having a voice ad go over after every new song will be very helpful in your marketing campaign.