Bulgary Watches


Bulgary is famous are one of the biggest global players in the luxury market.

Bulgary S.P.A. is the parent company. It owns the brand name. The organization is widely known to perform excellent coordination activities in various areas of product development & marketing. Other fields the company has been consistency performing in include finance, information systems as well as management of human resources of the whole Bulgary group.

The company is in operation across the globe & runs about fifty companies in twenty four countries. The global player also has about 236 stores located in some of the most reputed & exclusive shopping arcades across the globe. The organization is also world famous for its, skilled & international distribution net role.

The Bulgary has also spread its’ wings in the travel retain as well as the domestic channel.

Quality and excellence are religion to Bulgary. The company believes in an efficient working environment with a movie to achieving results that promises 100 percent satisfaction to the consumer. Bulgery believes in achieving perfect balance between supreme quality products as well as flawless services to consumers across the globe.

When it comes to achieving excellence, the organization believes in the following four major achievements:

  • Distinctive Style
  • Customer Delight
  • Outstanding products
  • Outstanding Quality

What Bulgary is most famous for is and amazing fusion of fine jewelling and class time pieces. This is quite a rare fusion but Bulgary has made in possible is the its consistent efforts & rock solid determination. No wonder the watches created at Bulgary time is considered to be some of the finest watches available across the globe. This is not all. All the watches from Bulgary possess true jewelry details.

When investing in a Bulgary jewelry time piece, you can be sure about investing in a supreme quality device that has excellent detailing and style expected in a range of fine jewelry. You would cherish the jewelry & can adorer it for years to come.

The Bulgary watches ensure laudable and reliable durability because it believes in utilizing only the finest materials for structuring the jewelry such as stainless steel, 18 k gold & titanium.

Most Dress Bulgery watches are also be jeweled with finest of gemstones and mother-of-peal.

Scratch resistant sapphire capitals are an integral part of all Bulgary men’s & women’s watches collection.

The History of Bulgery Watches

Bulgary Watches have been existing since 1884. The company was founded by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek ambitious aspirant. Via Candiotti in Rome was the first store of Bulgery
Watches. The shop is still Bulgery flagship store.

It has been more than a century now & Bulgary watches have more than about 155 stores across the globe.

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