Armand Nicolet Watches

Armand Nicolet is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Tramelan, Jura Bernoise town in Switzerland. Founded in 1902 by Armand Nicolet, today the organization has maintained a huge & prestigious collection of glorious histories pieces manufactured is a utilizing the movements of companies owned privately. Some of the most prestigious collections by Armand Nicolet include the following:

Armand Nicolet LO6:

This is a specialized series introduced by Armand Nicolet in the year 2006. The series user UT 176 as it is base. The UT 176 was produced way back in 1951. The company’s warehouse has about 425 pieces from this era. Almost all the technical refinements provided to the first limited Edition has been successfully enhanced and skillfully structured. The wheel movement is visible through an exquisite framed opening adjusted on the dial.

Armand Nicolet limited Edition Small Seconds Collection:

The model was produced in a limited edition containing about 135 outstanding pieces. The series also utilizes 1951 produced UT 176 as ‘its’ base. These has been fully remodeled & updated to suit the modern standards. All the parts of movements has been beautifully decorated with full attention given to five details such as the bridges and the plate are finished with Rhodium. The visible screws are blue in color and gold is engraved on Perlage or Cote be Geneve.

Armand Nicolet M02 Collection:

The M02 collection is known to be the Armand Nicolet milestone when it comes to it’s cutting edge research in the watch making technology. When it comes to expert craftsmanship, Armand Nicolet M02 is known to be an impeccable balance that has been achieved between traditional watch making & formal innovation. Armand Nicolet M02 is known for holding a niche of it’s own. The time piece is known to meet specific demands of wrists & even provide excellent fit desired by consumers who are aware of the advanced technology in the field of time pieces across the globe.The technology and the materials utilized have been taken into consideration only after researching on what would be best for daily & informal use.

Armand Nicolet M03 for Women:

The collection is specifically dedicated to women wearers and has a mission to meet the most demanding requirements of female wearers. Each model is this collection is a precious ornament. The buckles are set with diamonds.

Armand Nicolet S05 :

This collection is truly based on detailed study & research that has been carried out towards the analysis of advanced technological materials as well as avant-garde techniques needed to create an impeccable model.

The History of Armand Nicolet :

The Armand Nicolet company was founded by Armand Nicolet. Nicolet was a famous 19th century watchmaker. Today, the company has maintained a collection of great historic pieces created via using companies privately owned movements. The company has also evolved as one of the most prestigious brands under the category specialized and designer of time pieces.

More Armand Nicolet Watches Pictures:

Armand Nicolet Hunter Complete Calendar



Armand Nicolet L06 Small Seconds

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