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Ball Watch Company has always worked towards providing the best of timepieces to millions of prestigious consumes across the globe. Ball Watch Company is reputed as the most respected & established watch brands in America. The organization is widely known to update known to update its, product range in the present century to keep up to the pace with consistently changing consumer requirements. There may have been certain changes in the overall appearance of the time pieces with the passage of years but the performance has been flawless year after year.

The watch dial of most of the watches from the company lands to follow all the design guidelines of a standard railway watch dedicatedly. All the fine detail of the shape of the hands as well as the numerals style has been designed keeping in mind the technology and style of the time pieces.

The primary motive of the Ball Watch Company is to keep the tradition of Webb Ball going. The company has also always emphasized on manufacturing highly accurate timepiece for use by consumers who work in some of the most difficult circumstances.

Earlier, these watches were created for those working in the railway industry and today, the watches have become number one choice for all the explorers & adventures to enjoy the best of benefits.

The Ball Watch Company has a huge and glorious history. The organization has been in the industry for many years now.

Let us take a look at me history of Ball Watch Company in brief:

History of Ball Watch Company

The history of Ball Watch Company dates back to the year 1847 when the owner of the company Webb C. Ball was born on October 6, the same year is Frederick down, Ohio. Ball grew up to be a renowned jeweler & watch maker.

Standard time was first adopted in the year 1883. Webb C. Ball was the first jeweler ever to utilize time signals to provide accurate time to several parts of Ohio.

During the same era, there was a collision between lake shore and Michigan Southern Railway that occurred at kip ton, Ohio. The incident occurred because the engineer’s watch had stopped working & it went unnoticed for full five minute. Thereafter, the Railway officers appointed Webb C. Ball as their GT. (general time) inspector to create certain standards as well as a fully reliable timepiece inspection system for Railway timepieces.

You would be surprise to know that the Ball Watch Company never manufactured watches directly. However, the company assisted in developing certain specifications for watches that are used is railroad services.

Webb is all came up with certain strict guidelines in order to manufacture study & reliable timepieces that provided accurate resistance to magnetism, isochronisms, total reliability of time keeping in five positions, power reserve in conjunction with record keeping facility for the watch reliability on regular analization.

The Waltham Watch Company adhered to all the Ball guidelines requirements & then the trend was followed by Elgin Watch Company. Several other American manufactures & Swiss watch manufactures joined later on.

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