Baume and Mercier Ilea The feminine watch by the famous watch brand


Baume and Mercier Ilea are thoroughly feminine and have been specifically introduced to provide outstanding magical experience of weaning a fabulous watch by a reputed and world class brand.

The latest introduction has been made to please modern women. The time piece has been given a curve to portray sensuality special attention has been given to provide a touch of luxury to the watch. It features diamonds and steel. It combines both satin brushed as well as polished surfaces. You would love to know that the Baume and Mercier Ilea is a study in contrasts.

Everything from the daintily sculpted bezel and seamless transition of curves and angles and the overall look of this watch is class and attractive.

This new watch by Baume and Mercier is clearly introduced for women. In fact, you would love the fact that this watch is a rare combination of grace, luxury and flawless performance.

The exquisite oval dial of this watch has been bejeweled with gems at the three and nine o’clock hours.

The Ilea 8775 is set with 28 diamonds on the bezel against a two tone stainless steel and 18k gold bracelet.

This watch for women is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and luxurious introductions by Baume and Mercier.

Author: Kareena

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