Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Review

Baume & Mercier is known as the maker of exquisite chronographs between the 1940’s and 1960’s, but for some reasons, they stopped. The Capeland Flyback could eventually be the reborn of the brand. After spending years languishing, the Baume & Mercier is flying back, as you might say. To lead the return of the legendary watch maker, the Capeland Flyback is now available in many luxury watch stores.

Without doubt, this exquisite watch merits more than a quick glance and as a water resistant watch, even those dive junkies are reluctant to send it back after spending a few days with the Capeland Flyback.

The Capeland Flyback gives Baume & Mercier a badly needed reboot and the company predictably looks to its past for quick inspiration, While the standard Capeland chronograph already looks good enough, the Flyback Chronograph model is a wonderful blend between modern design and well-known retro cues, After a quick examination, it’s clear that the watch’s beauty and elegance are more than skin deep, with its Flyback movement technology developed by the La Joux-Perret. This item is bewitching to wear and marvelous to look at, while drawing immediate positive comments from those around us.


At about 45mm across, the Capeland Flyback is reasonably designed. Much of the thickness of the case is due to its high-domed crystal which contributes to the overall vintage appearance in a scratch-resistance sapphire layer. The watch has seductively rounded flanks that flow uninterrupted into the logs. The sides are matte brushed while the beveled bezel is mirror-polished. The chronographs pushers and crown are nicely designed and seem to fit the watch perfectly. The whole appearance is so appealing that some of us may wish that the watch doesn’t have self-winding feature, so we can use the crown more.


Chronograph is obviously the primal essence of the Capeland Flayback. While vintage chronographs are plagued with some issues including the lack of water resistance and uncomfortably small size, the Capeland Flyback solves this conundrum by perfectly balancing durability and aesthetics. The white dial of the watch has an outer telemeter scale. It also has three inner tachymeter scaled that are overlaid with some chronograph subdials. The overall arrangement is completely legible and again contributes to the overall vintage appearance.

Flyback is the highlight chronograph-related feature of the watch, which allows owners to instantly restart and reset the stopwatch by only pushing the button. Playing with flyback can be addictive sometimes, just try watching the sweep minute and second counter snap back to zero, only to start ticking again.


The time seems to stand still while we are admiring the elegance of Baume & Merciew Capeland Flyback. The company makes a forcefully return with the watch and its designers seem to nail everything perfectly. Hopefully, the Copeland Flyback heralds more wonderful watches to come.


  • A watch the oozes quality in all corners
  • A perfect blend between sporty, dressy, modern and vintage styles


  • Awkward placement of date windows at 4.30

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