Breitling Bentley’s limited series Stands true for it’ name


Breitling watches are highly desirable timepieces. The watches are made to provide the best chronograph features to watch enthusiasts all across the globe. What has the makers of some of the finest luxury watches done to make their timepieces more desirable among their devoted consumers?

Well this time, they have teamed up with Bentley. Bentley is known for some of the finest ultra-luxury vehicles. They have come up with the Bentley red gold limited edition under their own brand name. Interestingly these watches are available in the limited range of 100 pieces set.

You would fall for the latest models of watches under this luxury partnership; the Bentley GMT 2009 limited series.

Breitling for Bentley have not considered the amount of money they require to spend in order to come up with this amazingly limited collection. Each watch is a testament to the precision and peerless qualities maintained by both the brands.

They started with a set of 100 pieces. The red gold limited Bentley GMT is available to users with a bronze dial and red accented hands. Another introduction known as the red gold limited comes in a set of fifty unique pieces. Diamonds are set in to the strap attachments and at the hour markers. The natural or azure mother of pearl dial makes this watch, a unique item to wear on. The white gold limited series is equally attractive. Available with only twenty five pieces, this watch rocks with diamond settings in conjunction with dial choices just as the 50 piece red gold limited watch.

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