Breitling Navitimer Monta brilliant Datora Excellent option for every gadget freak

If you have a man in your life who cannot live without gadgets, then gifting him a Breitling Navitimer Mont brilliant Datora will make him all yours. This is a watch that your man will not be able to resist.

This watch truly a gadget lover’s dream. This case dominates event the largest wrist. The large numbers and instrumentation on the dial will make anyone fall for it. This is a type of watch that requires a degree in engineering for anyone to use. It is sure shot gadget.

One of the most distinct characteristics of the instrumentation is the retro-inspired Breitling look. The date display of this watch is also amazing. It shows the month and day via adjacent aperture windows. There is also a half-moon pointer in the middle of the watch that indicates the time of day.

The watch also consists of several other distinctive features such as the tachometer, a 1/100th of an hour indicator, 24- hour military time and a slide rule.

If you are mostly on the move, you would be more than benefited from the time zones of major international cities engraved on the back side of the case.

The Breitling navitimer Mont Brilliant Datora is a perfect gift for al those who love gadgets and have a fetish for royal, luxurious complicated things.

Author: Kareena

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