Breitling watches The dream of every celebrity


Breitling watches are synonymous to elegance, style and perfection. With a Breitling on your wrist, you can expect the best of style combined with flawless performance. These watches are named after the founder of the company, Leon Breitling. The company was founded in 1884 in Switzerland.

Today, it has secured a position as one of the top luxury brands. One of the most excellent creations of this brand is the Breitling chronomat B01.

These watches were actually created for aviation pilot. Some of the technical functions of the watch have been introduced specifically to provide enhanced visibility to pilots. These features became extremely famous among people world wide.

Today, Breitling is extremely popular among watch enthusiasts. The large faces of these watches have become one of the signature signs of the brand.

Interestingly Breitling watches are truly loved and cherished by celebrities. Whether it is a popular Hollywood star or an American pop singer, you would see them all sporting them a Breitling.

The latest watch released by this brand was the limited edition chronograph named the cosmonaut. The watch was a huge hit among people and today it has come up with 1,000 pieces.

The watch was originally created for astronauts in 1962 and today you would see celebrities and famous personalities sporting it.

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