Breitling watches Ways to spot a fake

Breitling watches are among the top choices for all those who want to purchase just the best and top ranked luxury watches. The popularity of these watches have been such that people from all over the world consider Breitling one of their top choices when it comes to purchasing a luxury watch that has been equipped with exclusive features.

The popularity of these watches have also increased the manufacturing and supply of fake Breitling watches. So how to spot a fake? Here are some tips to help you spot a fake.

  • Fakes will have a heavy head and the stainless steel bands weigh lighter. The real watch will be heavier all over.
  • Fakes will have the logo printed on the face. The real ones will have it embossed in to the dial.
  • The fakes will have thin applied wings logo with too much white space.
  • Fake Breitling watches will usually have a little bit of smearing on the logo or writing on the watch face. This can be spotted easily under a magnifying glass.
  • Checking back engravings for misspellings. The writing is in Swiss French and hard to verify. However, you can easily find pictures on various websites online.
  • The sub dials on an original Breitling watch are flat and clings to the face. Raised or domed ones are fakes.
  • When moving the bracelet from side to side, a fake will move while the original thing will hold firm.

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