Breitling watches Your friend and savior during an emergency

Breitling emergency watches have successfully managed to live up to their name. They are equipped with radio transmitters that would send signals. The best part is that these signals can be easily picked up as far as ninety nautical miles.

According to a news reported in rulers, two British pilots crashed their helicopter in Antarctica. Thanks to their Breitling watches, they were easily located and rescued due to the distressed signals sent out from the watches.

Breitlings are everywhere in the aviation industry. Why to leave out the general public and the celebrities. The emergency watches by this fabulous brand have caught the fancy of people who are not just the part of aviation industry.

If you are also a hard core Breitling fan, do not forget have a look at the emergency watches by Breitling.

One of the most interesting timepieces by Breitling is the emergency black dial model. It consists of super quartz LCD digital display, a flip lock clasp, a titanium bracelet, a titanium case and a case measuring 43mm in diameter.

The watch is water resistant up to thirty meters. The crystal of this watch is scratch resistant sappier. And of course you would benefit from a built in transmitter with this Breitling watch.

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