Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon Review

The Cartier Astrotourbillon is a clear statement of how future Cartier watchmaking should be. There is certainly something charming about the Cartier Astrotourbillon, which is not easily visible to common observers. Cartier has revealed that they will release more exciting complication watches in the future and there’s no reason for us to doubt it.


The case of Cartier Astrotourbillon has exactly the same dimension with the original Rotonde at 47mm, with great weight distribution. The titanium material used by the case allows the whole assembly to feel really light on our wrist. In general, the Cartier Astrotourbillon is certainly a looker.

The watch is designed to look like an arena with the display area that highlights the Astrotourbillon located around the dial. Even with its status as a Rotonde incarnation, the dimension of Cartier Astrotourbillon is a little mystifying. However, this is just a matter of personal taste and many would find it perfectly reasonable, especially if they are easily impressed with the elegant displays of time. The arena-like display is generally stunning, with the enlarged Roman numerals and circular patterns.

We may easily consider the Cartier Astrotourbillon as a man’s watch with its fancy dancing chops: Tourbillons that glides around hypnotically like a huge mechanical living hand.


Cartier regularly points out that its Astrotourbillon works entirely like no other tourbillon. The caliber 9451 MC makes the tourbillon to work in a completely different fashion. The 3rd wheel in its gear train drives a carriage and the escapement wheel has a pinion that swirls around a seconds wheel, so the Astrotourbillon works much like a typical tourbillon. A few wonderfully curved lugs enhance the watch’s wear-ability, which add an impressive amount of grip on our wrist. Tourbillons found on many watches have whirling dances that are confined to a fixed corner, but the Cartier Astrotourbillon does not.

A closer look on the mechanism shows us that the caliber 9451 MC has a gear train the moves differently. The escapement wheel staff and the balance staff are not placed at the usual axis, but this fact is not easily visible due to the position of center dial.

It should be noted that the Astrotourbillon is balanced by the platinum counterweight, which is also positioned behind the central dial. Cartier carefully controls the carriage weight, with a proper amount of titanium to achieve a desired weight of 0.39 grams. Cartier Astrotourbillon is a limited production watch and designed satisfy users with its exceptional toughness. The Calibre 9451 MC is expected to withstand up to 5000 Gs of shocks. The watch also has an enhanced water resistance that gives the whole product more substance.


The 47mm watch has a titanium case and heptagonal crown with sapphire cabochon. The case back is made from sapphire crystal and which can withstand an immersion in up to 30 meters of water. The watch has a black alligator skin strap, with a double adjustable folding clasp made from 18 carat white gold. The movement mechanism is consisted of an Astrotourbillon, a mechanical assembly with manual winding, and caliber 9451 MC.

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