Calibre de Cartier Multiple Time Zone Watch

Equipped with Calibre 9909 MC, the Calibre de Cartier Multiple Time Zone Watch is designed to provide accurate day and night indication, adjustment for seasonal changes and time difference between different time zones. The watch has excellent readability under any lighting situation, while simple checking and setup procedure can make the watch feel practical when used outdoor.


The Calibre de Cartier Multiple Time Zone Watch was first unveiled in 2011 during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, where it was only one among a cavalcade of amazing timepieces. Its design alone gives us pause, but it seems there’s more with the watch that meet the eye. For some consumers, the ability to display two time zones simultaneously feels like a complication. The watch simply provides a time difference between two time zones and how much daytime left in each time zone.

To elaborate things further, the two main indicators are the primary hands for current local time. Normally, users only see one hand, except during sunset/sunrise transition. One with the moon indicates night shift, while the one with the sun takes on daylight hours. Despite its travel-oriented status, it is recommended to go simple when you are not on a trip. We don’t really need to fuss about with it during daily activities. It’s also worth remembering that we can adjust the 9909 MC using only the rocker pusher.

The pusher can help us to switch between multiple cities without taking the watch off. Unfortunately, the crown guard is used as the pusher and we may accidentally set it off. You may need specific tool to adjust the pusher, but you may make do with some generic instruments. Scotch tape is recommended for the push button and in terms of responsiveness, you shouldn’t have any issue with the crown and pushers.


While using the watch, you may quickly take note of its nice girth and heft. Overall, the watch isn’t quite in the behemoth category, but at 17mm thick and 45mm in diameter, the Calibre de Cartier Multiple Time Zone Watch isn’t for those with delicate wrist. The watch is encased nicely in white good, making it a rather weighty proposition. It will tend to hang rather awkwardly upon smaller wrist, so be forewarned. However, for the sake of practicality, it is recommended for some users to choose the titanium version instead. But regardless, what version you choose, the Calibre de Cartier Multiple Time Zone Watch is still a fine example of watchmaking.

Getting Started

After making sense of it all, you may need to consult watch experts, because the watch is not easy to work with. The first step in setting up the watch is to align the local time and home time, as a pre-adjustment step. To complete this step, you may follow a specific sequence or the multi time zone feature won’t work properly. Like any multi time zone timepieces, hour hands move equidistantly and simultaneously. This means, advancing the home time for one hour, will also move the local time and distant time by one hour. Fortunately, the watch comes with a helpful manual and you need to consult it regularly.

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