Cartier Tank Anglaise Review

Cartier Tank Anglaise

Cartier Tank Anglaise seems to be connected to Louis Cartier’s original design and the new watch gives us an opportunity to appreciate the iconic timepieces series. Cartier is one of those brands that capture public’s imagination to a degree that it becomes very emblematic of its manufacturer. The Tank series is linked directly to roots of Cartier’s watch-making heritage. Such an icon in watch-making industry requires much research, thought and consideration before anything changed or added.

Cartier Tank Anglaise

Like other Tank watches, the Cartier Tank Anglaise is obviously inspired by a tank. The battlefields of World War I were the debut of early tanks. Louis Cartier himself designed the first “Tank” luxury watch in 1917 and presented to it the AEF (American Expeditionary Force) commander in Europe, General John Pershing. The original idea that has been formed in Cartier’s mind soon becomes a unique characteristic of the “Tank” series, with the case and lugs that are integrated with the strap.


The first “Tank” watch, the Tank Normale had the same square and rectangular shape. The unprecedented luxury watch design was the result of how to properly integrate strap, lugs and case. Keys to the Cartier’s Tank design are vertical bars found on the side of the watch. Other design elements such as Roman numerals and chermin-de-fer also appear on subsequent Tank models, including the new Anglaise.

Since this series appeared, Tank models has never stopped propelling the aesthetics of watch design as a whole and there are more than a dozen models released sing 1917 and each was a distinctive step in the long evolutionary process. It has been a decade since the previous iteration of Tank series, the “Tank Divan” was released, so obviously the appearance of the new watch is very welcome indeed. In its official documentation, Cartier calls the Cartier Anglaise as a pure, distilled kind of Tank. Although still contemporary, the Anglaise is unmistakably a Tank with generous amount curves integrated seamlessly with the bracelet, case and lugs.

Loyal customers of Cartier Tank series will note that the company keeps the faith with the elements of original including Roman numerals on the dial and the chermin-de-fer chapter ring. But as a new watch, the Tank Anglaise comes with a twist; the crown is now integrated into the brancard with parallel lines that flow undisturbed. The crown is perfectly visible, giving a unique appearance of a wheel inside the brancard. The Cartier Tank Anglaise interestingly adds a new chapter to the Tank series with the aforementioned new design. Cartier delivers three different versions of the Anglaise for both genders, with three different types of gold and three different sizes.


The case back of Tank Anglaise (Large) has sapphire crystal, while the medium and small models have solid case back. Their dials are made of lacquered silver and powered by Cartier’s self-winding mechanism. The bracelets of the large and medium model are manufactured of 18k rhodium-plated white gold, while the small model uses a more feminine material, pink gold.


The Cartier Tank Anglaise should be appropriate for those looking a timepiece with a long, renowned reputation.


  • Its tank-based design inspires reliability
  • New design elements that fully refresh the entire Tank series


  • The “Tank” brand could deter some female consumers from buying it

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