Cartier watch A timepiece that bares it all

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Cartier watches are some of the finest watches across the globe. Cartier lovers have always been looking for something really great each time they announce a new invention. One of the most coveted and awaited introductions by this fabulous luxury watch brand is the Cartier Santos 100 Skelton. It is actually a modern representation of the collaboration forged by Louis Cartier and Alberto Santo Dumont in the year 1904. It would not be wrong to call this timepiece a mechanical and visual marvel.

The main attraction of this fantabulous Cartier timepiece is the mechanical 9611 MC movement. It comprises of 138 components and twenty exquisite jewels. The movement has been delicately and diligently finished by hand.

The upper bridge work of the watch takes about fifteen hours to complete. The 72 hours power reserve facilitates the timepiece to maintain unquestionable accuracy. Each movement is known to be identified individually on the back of the watch.

The amazing mocartier 100 skeleton movement is not hidden behind a watch dial and back the movement lives in a skeletonized bridge adapted from the Santos case.

The case is constructed of 950 percent palladium and formed in to Roman numerals which create a unique visual appeal. The sword shaped blue steel hands compliment the case well. You would love the alligator skin strap of the watch and sapphire crystals on both front and back of the case.

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