Cartier watch More than a hundred years in America

The Cartier watch is one of the most reputed brands available in the chronograph industry. The watch has a hundred years of history. The house of Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier. There is no doubt about the fact that the brand is one of the most popular luxury watch names across the globe.

It was in the year 1909 that Cartier made its presence feel in the whole of the United States. After celebrating one hundred years of business in 2009, the brand has best features, style and functions in the field of chronograph.

The 100th anniversary celebration of this watch included the grand introduction of the baignoire.

The Baignoire is known to be one of the most popular luxury time pieces for women. The baignoire is a French word which means ‘bath tub’. The name has been awarded to the watch because the watch case has an oval shape that perfectly resembles a bath tub. The shape made its’ debut in the 1920’s. The latest version is simply great. The dial of this watch features beautiful blue hands are the classic Roman numeral markers that are seen in most of the Cartier watches.

The crown is just similar to a sapphire jewel cabochon. The best Cartier watch will of course be the one that suits your perfectly?

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