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Chopard LUC Triple Certification “3C” Tourbillon Review


Established by Louis Ulysse Chopard, “Chopard” is a leading luxury watch manufacturer. Louis Ulysse Chopard came from a family with rich watchmaking tradition and it is certainly one of the most important reasons for Chopard’s significant success. His entry into the watchmaking industry introduced unique innovation. Shards of gems are often added onto Chopard watches and timepieces studded with gleaming sapphire and diamonds make them favorite among ladies. Chopard outlets are opened in many countries, with four Read more

Omega Men’s 2220.80.00 Seamaster 300M Chrono Diver “James Bond” Watch


This self-winding, highly accurate is designed for deep diving, with water resistance of nearly 1000 feet (300 meters). The helium escape valve allows some amount of helium to be released when the watch is used deep underwater. The Omega Men’s 2220.80.00 Seamaster measures 1.61 inches and it is complemented by an exceptional stainless steel bracelet band. There is a date indicator at “3” o’clock position, along with luminous-tipped skeleton hands and dotted hour markers. Other features are Read more

IWC Portuguese Automatic Watch


Old is Gold and that has once again been proved by the Portugese Automatic watches that feature a range of magnificent specifications and a glazing look. For carrying a classic look and a chic style, right since the first design of the Portuguese watches to till now, each of its models have been able to keep that glory and that grandeur.

Any model you pick from the wide ranges of Portuguese watches, there is something special and Read more

Ebel redefines luxury by Classic Sport Chronograph

Ebel sports classic

Luxury watches are in a heap in the market today and in fact, you can find almost every watchmaker opting for the manufacturing of luxury watches but then, the thing that comes first is the design and the wow factor of the watch.

One worth-naming watchmaker that has lately been able to outshine as a maker of sensual and elegant luxury watches and has also been able to raise the bar of luxury watches’ standard is EBEL. Read more

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches

If you are looking for some of that flawless, professional & true Swiss watches, the Dubey & Schaldenbrand Watches need to be your original & final choice. These watches are absolutely elegant and possess exquisitely curved lines. What makes these watches stand apart is the fact that they have beautifully encompassed feminine suability & sensibility. Do you want to be, enchanted by the melodious ‘tick tock’ sound by any one of the rare movements? You need to Read more

Chronoswiss Watches

Chronoswiss Watches

Chronoswiss Watches is widely famous for producing master pass. The brand has been successfully serving me elite class and all those who have a passion for collecting and adoring the brand specialty watches. The Chronoswiss Watches are known to produce some excellent time piece that have been designed and created specifically for a specific class.

It has been several years that Chronoswiss Watches have been coming up with some of the niche master Read more

BRM Watches

BRM Watches

Sporting a BRM Watches is just like admiring a line of luxury ears with some extraordinary engineering towards the starting line of a race. The mechanical performance of these watches is supreme and laudable. It would not be wrong to say that the performance tends to surpass the usual human expectations.

Wearing BRM Watches would also let your make a strong and unique personal statement. Additionally, you would also be able to sport your status Read more