Chopard LUC Triple Certification “3C” Tourbillon Review

Established by Louis Ulysse Chopard, “Chopard” is a leading luxury watch manufacturer. Louis Ulysse Chopard came from a family with rich watchmaking tradition and it is certainly one of the most important reasons for Chopard’s significant success. His entry into the watchmaking industry introduced unique innovation. Shards of gems are often added onto Chopard watches and timepieces studded with gleaming sapphire and diamonds make them favorite among ladies. Chopard outlets are opened in many countries, with four major manufacturing facilities in Switzerland.

The Chopard LUC Triple is among watchmaker’s newest addition to the market and it represents a fine example of beauty, creativity and fastidiousness. The watch is widely known for bearing three different certifications of excellence, such as Fleurier Quality Foundation, Poincon de Geneve and COSC. This should matter for those who prefer exquisite quality, excellence and reliability. Poincon de Geneve mark appears on the dial, while matching Roman numerals and rhodiumed black dauphine hands. When we see the Chopard LUC Triple, for the first time, it’s easy take a note of its lovely and unusual grained finish.

The 3C Tourbillon certification still makes an impression even from a distance. In fact, the watch looks like a magnificent silvery beast. Stamped on its exquisite hides are the Hallmark of Geneva symbol and specific words, like “Chronometer”, “Qualite Fleurier” and L.U. Chopard. Chronometer indicates compliance with COSC certification (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) and it guarantees an exceptional timekeeping property, with extensively verified and extensively movement. It’s also worth noting that barely 3 percent of watches released by Switzerland watchmakers have COSC certification.

COSC certification also deals with enhanced reliability and timekeeping accuracy. Poinçon de Genève (Hallmark of Geneva) deals primarily with improved mechanical movements and finishing standards. This certification is only given to watchmakers who perform the majority or all of their manufacturing works in Geneva. The certification is also consisted of 12 other criteria everything from the workmanship quality to the movement assembly and the making of individual components. The certification is updated regularly and it underwent numerous major changes to match latest situations in the industry.

FQF (Fleurier Quality Foundation) is perhaps the most difficult certification to fulfill. FQF is established on 2001 and although the youngest, it’s also the most stringent. To qualify for FQF, a watch must earn COSC certification first, so clearly FQF is only for the elite amongst elites. FQF is focused mostly with precision and we can liken it to the rigorous quality checks performed on high-end sports car. FQF-certified watches are subjected to Chronofiable tests, which expose timepieces to the abuse of time itself. During three weeks of tests, the watch experiences six months-worth of wear and tear. The test is also intended to find out the extent of humidity and magnetic fields resistance the watch can endure.

Fleuritest is more dramatic as the watch is exposed to extreme movements, like in tennis match or golfing competition, for 24 hours. The watch’s performance is closely assessed during and after the test, to ensure complete reliability and the timekeeping accuracy stays within specified range. With these certifications, Chopard is demonstrating about the usefulness of its products and their ability to excel above the competition.

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