Christian Dior VIII Collection Watches Review

Christian Dior is widely known as a leader in the fashion industry and watches released by the company is a strong symbol of high status and class. These watches would easily attract plenty of envious glances as it represents high taste and prestige. Christian Dior watches are manufactured entirely in Switzerland and they are the combination the craftsmanship of many expert watchmakers in the country. The house is expanding internationally and it continues to create wonderful timepieces that meet and often, exceed international demands. Its watches will easily fascinate high-end users for years to come with practical features and exquisite design.

This year, the Dior Timepieces division pays tribute to the esteemed founder with the new Dior VIII collection to commemorate his lifelong adoration to precise numbers and architecture. As a nod to the Dior’s favorite number, the name Dior VIII (8) is chosen and it also represents a historical milestone of the company. The fashion house was established on October 8, 1946. To honor company’s affinity to the number 8, the Dior VIII series deliver different watch models with seamless combination of haute couture, haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie. These are three of them:

Grand Bal Plume

The watch comes in smoldering black ceramic, white feathers and diamond. A more feminine variant has white ceramic, bluish-pink features and diamond. Upon examining their ultra feminine and sensuously round design, it’s easy to notice their preference to number 8, as the 8 o’clock position is the only one with the roman numerals. The watch model is armed a feathered and functional, openwork oscillating weight placed one the black or iridescent mother-of-pearl dial. Dior claims that the feathers are the first to be used for this purpose in watchmaking process and these feathers may remind us of dramatic, elegant twirls of long ball gown. The Grand Bal Plume is currently available only on Dior boutiques only.

Grand Bal Résille

From the elegant feathered ball gown, we are now moving to a different exquisite women watch. The Grand Bal Résille is named after the exquisite cluster of sparkling diamonds encrusting an openwork oscillating weight. The whole design reminds of the seductive glamour of high-end lifestyle and in French, the word “Résille”, simply means, embroidered with precious stones. Offered in white or black ceramic with more than 260 diamonds, the Grand Bal Résille looks like an irresistible work of art wrought with endless refinement and great intricacy, It should be an amazing accessory for a lovely evening soiree with your loved one.

White Simplicity

With the White Simplicity, the watch model goes back to basics with its pure white colors. Adorned with white ceramic, the watch comes with automatic and bezel movements, while the bezels are made of snow-et diamonds and white ceramics. The white-inspired design is entirely pure and it matches with everything you wear.

Prices for Dior VIII Collection watches range from €3,500 to €45,000, depending to the material used and te complexity of the internal mechanism.

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