Chronoswiss Watches

Chronoswiss Watches

Chronoswiss Watches is widely famous for producing master pass. The brand has been successfully serving me elite class and all those who have a passion for collecting and adoring the brand specialty watches. The Chronoswiss Watches are known to produce some excellent time piece that have been designed and created specifically for a specific class.

It has been several years that Chronoswiss Watches have been coming up with some of the niche master piece. All these masterpiece have been designed & structured by skilled professionals. These professionals have several years of experience in the field.

These are several famous collections such as the following:

The Pathos :

This is first known skeletonized self-minding fly back chronograph. The watch was introduced in 1998.

The Tourbillion Regulator :

This time piece became the rage among most people across the globe in the year 2001. The beauty & technologically advanced movement were the main attraction of this time piece.

Both the creations stated above have been acclaimed for an international award with several honors together.

Each component of Chronoswiss Watches is produced carefully in Switzerland. All the watches are hand finished according to the specifications of the experts.

The owner of the firm is passionate about the measurements of time span. Hence, he is often referred to as “Mr. Chronograph” by a lot of his friends & colleagues.

For several decades he has restored exotic & amazing chronograph movements. All these movements have been regularly imbued for timing with additional complexities & functions long has come up with his most recent introductions under the category of the chronoscope.

This is a tribute to the pioneering achievements of time piece makers from the 19th century with dedicated themselves fully to develop split second timing. This was the first ever chronograph with regulator dial for this masterpieces Chronoswiss Watches

Company worked hand & reworked the plate of the movement to mount the mechanism at the front. There is a functional push piece present in this timepiece to facilitate three major chronograph functions including start, stop & return to zero. The push piece is successfully integrated in to the winding crown as compared to the traditional way of separate pushers.

About 38 different components were specially made in order to create this system. The self winding movement of the chronoscope helps in measuring intervals of time almost to a sixth-of-a-second accuracy.
The chronoscopes lacquered dial is a class example of beauty & harmony.

The scale created for the chronograph hand is subdivided into exactly 360 strokes. There is a distinct sub dial at 12:00 for the hours read out. There is also one more sub dial at 6:00 to measure minutes. The watch hands have been specifically developed in order to produce elegant & slender design. The wrote thing is designed is a reddish blue hue in order to emulate the 19the century chronograph dials.

The History of Chronoswiss Watches

The Chronoswiss Watches was founded by Gerd-R Lang in Munich, Germany in the year 1985. Thereafter, there was no looking back & Chronoswiss Watches has been successfully saving me industry with the best.

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