Concord Watches

Concord Watches

Concord Watches are known to be one of the most unique & innovative watch companies the company has been creating some super interesting timepiece with clear distinction & sleek style for more then a century now from the starting till the present. The company has always emphasized on technical expertise & aesthetic progress in order to advance at a fast pace towards a valuable position in the world of five time piece production.

It has been many years since its introduction in the field of Luxury brand watches. However, it still puts great emphasis on the finest of details to provide the best to the clients. You would be surprised to, know that within the first decade of its existence, the brand has been successful in caring out a niche for itself as one of the leading producers of luxury timepieces. Most of the luxury timepieces produced by concord are crafted in platinum. Thereafter these unique timepieces are accentuated with precious sapphires, diamonds, rubies & emeralds.

The clocks designed by the company were highly impressive for the generation of that left any store unturned to provide the best of timepieces & clocks to the industry especially their repeated & dedicated clientele.

In the year 1980, Concord Watches came up with its first Mariner. Sports wear ever. Saratoga, the unique wrist adorner was known to be the icon for the brand till date. It was also recognized as a trendsetter the sophisticated art of watch design appreciated world wide.

Other introductions of Concord Watches to the industry include the following:

  • The Vene to Concord Watches.
  • The 18 karat gold geometric La Scale Concord Watches
  • The La scala Stainless steel chronograph Concord Watches.

The company is known to add new styles and performance oriented designs each fear.

The latest Saratoga introduction is known to be really sleeks & bold. It is specifically a precision sports watch.

These watches are carefully & elegantly crafted in study & solid stainless steel. You may also choose from the elegant rose gold, 18-karat white gold or stainless steel with 18 karat rose gold or yellow gold accents.

The watches by concord feature a unique woven link bracelet with excellent deployment class. The crown protector is elegantly engineered & patented. The grown securely latches in order to ensure resistance no water up to fifty meters.

The latest models are available with beautifully embossed case backs with exceptionally beautiful design.

The latest variations in the category include diamond laced dials & bezels.

The unveiling of Saratoga Tourbillion is homage to its heritage. The timepiece is crafted well in 18 carat white gold. This is an exquisite piece of art & old world artistic approach.

The History of Concord Watches:

Concord Watches was founded way back in 1908 in Biel, Switzerland.

Today, the Concord Watches organization is reputed for providing the best of timepiece. When it comes to accuracy performance, style & latest design, look no further than Concord Watches.

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