Cuervo Sobrinos Watches

Cuervo Sobrinos Watches

The Cuerva Sobrinos Watches brand is famous for the requisite sets that’s desired by every watch lover the Swiss watch consists of a humidor that has been created almost 116 years ago. However, this is not what Cuerva Sobrinos Watches are all about. There are several features that make Cuerva Sobrinos Watches special & extremely important for consumer worldwide.

All the watch modela created by Cuerva Sobrinos are delivered is a specialized packaging that’s made-to-order specifically for the company from the same type of wood as for the cigar boxes. This is a special type of wood of a tropical or Spanish cedar from Meliaceae family.

A personal humidor created specifically for Cuerva X Sobrinos. The humidor is supplemented to all watches modela coming from this brand. You would be surprised to know that most of the collection introduced by Cuerva Sobrinos are christened after popular cigar formats such as those stated below:

  • Torpedo Cuerva Sobrinos Watches
  • Esptendidos Cuerva Sobrinos Watches
  • Prominente Cuerva Sobrinos Watches
  • Robustx Cuerva Sobrinos Watches
  • Robustx Cronometro Cuerva Sobrinos Watches

The most recent collection by the brand are inspired with the love of freedom of the Pirates. The managing director of the company feels that it is an interesting theme & named after the popular series of Pirates of the Caribbean with Jack Sparrow at the head. The image is highly suitable for most of the watches due to a lot of geographical cal reason & also due to the spirit of sailors spirit of adventure & romance. The watch models come with an elegant large case & beautiful design.

Another collection is named the prominente series & replenished with two latest models namely; Chronograph & Dual time. The Dual time model is created beautifully in pink gold and can be referred to as double time as the clock face comes with two dials of roman & Arabic numerals. The rate reserve is about forty-eight hours. After the line of Chronograph model from the Prominente collection enjoyed great success, it has come out with a new model in Pink gold & steel.

This is to provide the best to the consumer whether it is style, consumer whether it is style, design, accuracy or performance.

These are there elegant chronograph indicators on the clock face as stated below:

  • 30-minutes hand
  • A Second counter
  • An hour hand

The special feature of the latest collections is the rectangular shape and exquisite design.

The History of Cuerva Sobrinos Watches:

The history of Cuerva Sobrinos Watches dates back to the year 1882 when Armando Rio X Cuervo & his brothers ran a watch manufacturing workshop founded by their uncle Ramon in Havana. The brand name Cuervos X Sobrinos soon appeared as a reference as well a as rival for many reputed time piece manufactures of New York, Rome & Paris. Havana became the centre point of meeting for among artists intellectuals & businessman from across the globe. Sobrios focused on producing that own watches & continued to see famous watch manufacturing names.

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