Cyclos Watches

Cyclos Watches

The Cyclos Watches can be referred to as the latest 24 hours dual phase timepiece technology. The technology successfully combines the benefits of a classical analogue display in conjunction with a that’s really hard to find in most of the watches available across the globe, even the most expensive ones. The watch provides crystal clear distinction between the day and night cycles. The function is achieved by bifurcating the double meaning of the contemporary twelve-hour scale in two different loops. As a user, you would enjoy radically adjustable hour-hand that follows this exocentric curve. This clearly indicates al twenty-four hours clearly.

The hours hand rotates with usual angular velocity.

Cyclos Watches have displayed their first productions pieces at Basel recently. The company has created a series of watch collection that wins the heart of many watch lovers across the globe.

The two most significant collections available on the market are based on two different design principles: namely, AM and PM models in elegant stainless steel cases or even the beautiful day and night’ models in exquisite gold cases. These are available in beautiful dark or light dials.

The transparent Edition is an exceptional collection by Cyclos Watches that suggests the mechanical expertise and finesse of the distinctive dual-phase module via a partly transparent supplier crystal dial.

Here is what all Cyclos Watches has to offer its’ dedicated, line of consumers.

  • Superb and laudable mechanism: the Cyclos Watches utilize excellent automatic winding mechanism, ETA caliber 2892 A2. The luxury finish is facilitated with blued screens watches are modified module for controlling the actual length of hour hand. The models possess certified COSC chronometer and a Cyclos logo engraved in to the rotor.
  • Functions: The functions of hours via a continual radial displacement of the hour hand placed on a dual-phase scale, centre seconds hand, minutes and date at 60’ clock.
  • Dials: Users can opt from either silver or black finish in all versions. And color differentiation of the dual-phase scale of hours such as AM. of PM or other ring to facilitate distinction of second graduations and minute graduations .
    • Cases: The cases provided by Cyclos Watches are beautiful and available is varied colors such as yellow and red gold. These coses are water resistant to fifty meters. You can opt for stain`less steel sporty models. The case measures 39 mm in diameter and 12.8 mm in height. These cases come with supplier crystal front and back.
    • Straps: You have the option to choose from calfskin black straps for sporty models and alighting black or brown for elegant models.
  • The History: The idea of Cyclos Watches came in the owner John’s mind almost twelve years ago. In the year 1998, he his friends and them filed for a twins patent in 1999 for Swiss patent on his invention. There after there was no looking back. Today, the company is seeking luxury watches.

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