DOXA Watches

DOXA Watches

DOXA Watches is a well known watch brand existing in the Luxury watch industry today. These watches have successfully created an identity of their own. The brand has also maintained a devoted clientele for itself for several years now.

This is a proof that the watches are extremely popular among consumers world wide and possess the caliber to provide the best blend of style, performance, reliability & accuracy to the users.

DOXA Watches have come up with several innovations in the past years of its existence in the industry now.

Here is a list of some of the most popular & significant innovations & introduction launched successfully by DOXA in the past few years.

  • Orange faced Dive watch :
    This is a Sub300t watch introduced in 1966.
  • Sub300t rotating Bezel :
    This is first ever watch with a rotating Bezel to be introduced to consumers. This was to facilitate no-decompression times.
  • Dive Watch :
    The watch introduce by DOXA was the first publicity available Dive Watch with Helium Release value. It was christened as Conquistador Helium has a tendency to penetrate the watch seats in certain diving situations.

    This tends he result in a pressure build up in the watch, there by; blowing the crystal of the face of watch. Rolex was the first watch company to introduce dive watches with a helium release value in the year 1969 that prevented the build up of helium. There were only a few watches with this feature.

    Doxa introducing sub300t conquistador in the year 1969. This watch featured a helium release value. The sales brochures & advertisements announced DOXA as the first watch company to introduce this devise.

Here are some of the DOXA dive Watches that follows certain naming conventions:

  • Professional :
    This refers to a dive watch that’s orange faced.
  • Shark hunter :
    This refers to a dive watch that’s black faced.
  • Scrambler :
    This refers to silver or metallic faced dive watch.
  • Diving star :
    This is a yellow faced dive watch.
  • Conquistador :
    The term is used to refer to a watch that comes with a helium release value.

The History of DOXA Watches:

DOXA was founded by George Ducommun in the year 1889 in the heart of one of the Switzerland’s major & most innovation watch manufacturing regions. The Canton (district) of New Chatel’s Jura Mountains.

George Duconnum was born in Le Loche in Switzerland & one of thirteen children of a poor family. He started working as an apprentice in a manufacture specialized watch movements.

At the tender age of twenty, he started his own watch repair business. He worked really hard to set up his business & even walked 10 km to La Chaux-de fonds to designer his products personally, bearing the wealth of chilly winter.

Today, the company is famous for creating some of the best luxury watches & distributing across the globe.

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