Epos Watches

Epos Watches

When it comes to luxury watches and unique timepiece collection, Switzerland has gained a distinct reputation worldwide. Kudos to the sense of impeccable manufacturing and pioneering enthusiasm of the watch crafts mass in this region.

Epos Watches have also gained laudable reputation in the industry. A lot of watch lovers are depending on these watches when it comes to style, accuracy, reliability and flawless performance. The credit goes to awesome collection it comes out with regularly for consumers.

The basic mission of Epos Watches is to act as a guiding force and efficiently carryout traditional values and supreme standards. These watches are designed and manufactured with passion and precision in the region of Jura Mountains within their facilities at vallee de Joux. The timepieces are carefully assembled in Grenchon. The area has always been in time light for its watch making heritage.

The best feature of each Epos timepiece is its flawless and performance oriented mechanical movement. The reputed Swiss manufactures provide basic mechanisms and there after modified by the skilled watch makers at Epos who work hard to add specialized functions and eye catching decorations.

Most new timepieces are manufactured in the workshop of Jean fillon ain James Aubert SA. The collections are based on Elintage movements of the past that are no longer produced. As soon as the creations are completed the hand, almost all Epos models are caseback in order to facilitate the owner to appreciate and admire the creation.

No wonder, the Epos watches collection are hugely in demand by watch lovers and collectors. Epos Watches are known for supreme quality models with some real interesting is available at an affordable price. The timepieces are finished with great love and care.

Epos Watches are extremely proud of their innovations coming from the vicinity of their facility. Some of the class example of innovations includes the big date, power reserve indication and the regulator with phases of the moon. All the innovations were developed in the work shop of Tear Fillon, James Aubert SA. These complex mechanisms demand exceptional watch making skills that can easily turn every time piece in to a beautiful work of art.

The in-house creations are engineered on basic calibers from Unitas or the ones that are historical. The finished product is made individually and usually includes an engraving that’s handmade.

Some of the most popular Epos Watches collection includes the following:

  • Epos Grande Hand wound wristwatch
  • Epos regular automatic Wristwatch
  • Epos chronograph calendar automatic wristwatch
  • Epos regulator hand wound wristwatch
  • Epos Doctor’s Hand wound wristwatch
  • Epos Sportive Divers automatic wristwatch
  • Sophistique hand wound wristwatch Black dial
  • Sophistique hand wound wristwatch silver dial
  • Epos Grande Date hand wound wristwatch
  • Epos skeleton hand wound wristwatch silver dial

The history of Epos

The origins of these watches belong to the year 1925. The founder of the company James Aubert formed a watch workshop in the Vallee de Joux of Switzerland and dedicated his life to watch making.

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