Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller Watches are a reputed name in the category of expensive & high end watches. These luxury watches are known for their exclusive style, elegance, distinct design & flawless performance. The collections under this brand are unique from one another. The main motto of the company is to provide the best of the style, unique design & complete mechanism to the user.

These watches have s superb gadget like appearance & most of them also act like one.

There are many notable collections under the category of Franck Muller Watches. Some of the most popular ones include the stated below: =

  • Cur vex Ton near
  • Casablanca
  • Color dreams
  • Chronograph
  • Tom billon
  • Conquistador Cortez king

The first collection by Franck Muller Watches was the Tom billion collection. The collection had a unique and interesting mechanism. It is a known fact that the gravity force can easily affect a pocket watch & its accuracy will not stay precise. This is the reason that a news technology was invented in the year 1795.

The technique came out with a simple solution to this problem. This technique believed in mounting the escapement in a rotating frame. The frame was capable of rotating 1800 times & actually canceling the effect of gravity as well as other disturbing forces effects. During that era, the mechanism was known to be the most comp here & difficult ones to make.

Some of the most notable time pieces by Franck Muller Watches include the following:

Revolution: This is known to be the world’s first watch to possess both vertical as well as horizontal tourbillion. When you observe this timepiece in action, you would see a rotating carriage. The carriage rotates once in a minute & looks awesome. Some time pieces possess the carriage displaying seconds as it makes one full rotation in a minute. You can also observe this mechanism going round & round.

Revolution 3: This is one of the significant time pieces from the famous tourbillion collection. The basic difference between the other watches & Revolution 3 is that it helps you know the actual time using audible tones.

Long Island crazy hours: It is an unusual time piece. It comes with mixed up hours on the face. The hour hand is dysfunctional. It jumps straight to suggest the hour. The functions the mixture hand are normal. The time piece is constructed of 18k white gold that makes in expensive & cool.

The color dreams watch: This is one of the models from cur vex collection. It PS unique to look at & performs really well.

Chronograph Endurance: The chronograph collection member is special with numbers through 23 on the face. It displays the time by the 24 hour made.

The history of Franck Muller Watches:

The Franck Muller Watches were born in 1983. The founder of the company Franck Muller produced his first watch in this year & unveiled a world premier once in a year events & the brand acclaimed popularity among watch collectors & lovers.

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