Glashutte Watches

Glashutte Watches

Glashutte Watches are unique time pieces from a watch brand that has been widely appreciated by watch users. The watch company is of German lineage. The brand has been a hot favorite among watch collectors world wide. It has also come up with some of the best designer watches that’s known to have come up in the history of horology. Each component of the watch is carefully custom manufactured in their own workshop.

The first watch introduced by this brand came with a unique round case, the case will never go out of fashion that tends to with the famous panoRetrograph actually belongs. The panoRetrograph watch is a unique manual winding watch that comes in an elegant case measuring 39 mm. The treasonable watch is equipped with several laudable and interest-ting complications that are deal to any watch collecting buff.

The watch also has an interesting flyback chronograph function with the chrono pushers set at the two and four o’ clock position the watch face is actually a smaller sub dial situated towards the left of the main dial. You would see the flyback chronograph in a real small subdial just below the primary dial. The flyback chronograph is situated in a small sub dial that’s just below the primary dial. The countdown function of the watch is known to be a real cool feature.

With the cont down of the Glashutte original watch, you would that indicates the balance time. The countdown indicator is situated on a half moon shaped window at the right of the watch face. The counter features three distinct thirty minutes. Within every ten minutes the watch chimes and unique combination.

The PanoRetrograph by glashutte is available in two different options such as the watch face is white or black in the rose gold. The watch face is white or black in the rose gold version. The panorama date window at the 40’ clock position is the common feature in both these watches.

The model is specifically designed to suit one’s personal style the model is sold in limited edition and just about 150 watches are available for sale.

The history of Glashutte Watches

The history of Glashutte Watches began in 1845 by a skilled craftsman, Ferdinand Adolph Lange. He became a master watch maker in the prestigious Saxon court, the town faced major financial crisis due to the lack of it’s main money provider, silver. Ferdinand was determined to turn Saxon in to a full fledged watch industry. He focused on creating fewer watches that were of supreme degree of precision and quality. Other watch makers followed the trend and today, Saxon are known to be some of the most famous watches available across the globe.

The models launched by this brand are one of a kind.

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