Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches are one of the first timepieces available under the category of luxury and designer watches. When the brand was introduced in the industry, the use of precious metal in conjunction with a rubber strap was unusual. The most amazing fact is that for the next fifteen years ahead the concept was used only by Hublot Watches. They became extremely famous for their superb combination such as caoutchouc and gold.

Big Bang is one of the most popular watch models from Hublot. The watch is related to the name of a famous watch maker Jean-Claude Biver. Biver took this company to great heights of international fame. The popularity and aura of Big Bang by Hublot is such that everyone wants to own it. There are many who attain great pleasure in collecting Big Bang. All models from Big Bang are lively, well known and bejeweling museums for a long time now!

The Big Bang Collection by Hublot Watches can also be associated to a post modern style. The best part about this collection is that it provides wearer, the opportunity to create their own watches. Yes, you can actually opt for materials and come up with a Big Bang watch of your own. There is a huge number of materials to opt from when creating a Big Bang watch.

May Bang is known to be one of the latest Variations in the Big Bang collection. The case is created of ultra light magnesium. The material is quite new for watch makers.

Big Bang has not neglected the ladies. They have some fantastic designs set in diamond band let on the case. The dials are created with some awesome precious metal or even steel as desired by the consumer. What remains the signature style of Big Bang collection is the typical thick strap constructed of caoutchouc on which the watch is actually set. This is a tradition followed by the Hublot Watches for a long time.

Here is more to what the fabulous Big Bang collection from Hublot Watches has to offer:

Hubolt Porto Cervo: This is a ladies variant. The case is small in diameter and diamonds are beautifully around the dial.

Hubolt Frappuccino: This is another variation of Big Bang collection. It comes with an elegant chocolate dial in conjunction with an exquisite caoutchouc bracket.

Hublot Watches

  • All black: This is an amazing variation of Big Bang collection. It looks beautiful and is set in black color and sapphire crystal.

    The history of Hublot Watches:

    The founder of Hublot Watches, Carlo Crocco was born in Italy to a family of watchmakers. Crocco designed his first watch in the year 1967 and established his own company in the year 1980. The company came up with the legendary Hublot watch, the same year. The watch was encased beautifully in an elegant gold case. The design was simple. The style was inspired by a porthole. It has about twelve titanium screws to make hours and anchor the bezel to the case. The watch was awarded as the ‘Sensation of the year’ award at the Basel fair in 1980.

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    1. umvelo says:

      i need to know the price of Hublot geneve bigbang watch and since the watch is not using the battery what are the challenges faced previously and what is the life span of it since its not using the battery

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