IKEPOD Watches

IKEPOD Watches

The IKEPOD Watches Company is a huge collection of watches with awesome designs and elegant style. When it comes to performance, IKEPOD Watches are a step ahead of many other luxury watch brands existing in the industry.

You can find IKEPOD Watches in most of the reputed and high end watch and jewelry shops in more than about forty countries across the globe. All movement transformations are carefully finished in-house by the company. The automatic flying Tourbillon is known to be the most popular Ikepod movement till date. The movement was launched in the year 2000.

Each time piece is designed by New son, the designer of the watch in his own unique style. Some of these models display his signature in lovely bright orange color. The watches come in case foum set in the original design. The only exception is that latest launch manatee that does not have a case. IKEPOD Watches designed in beautiful leather straps, gold bracelets or steel.

Till date the popular watch company has Produced several exclusive timepiece collections that consists of some of the best watches including the following:

  • Hemipode
  • Isopode
  • Megapode
  • Tourbillon
  • Manatee
  • Seaslug

Seaslug: This is the first collection by Ikepod that come out in public in the year 1995. the watch is widely appreciated for its unique qualities. The collection has some real good automatic mechanical diving watches. It is water resistant up to 100 meters. The timepiece has a certified chronometer, indicator of a second time zone function, mechanism ETA 2893-2, sapphire glass.

Manatee: This is known to be the most exciting collection from Ikepod. The model features twenty four time zone indicator. There is also a visual appearance just like that of a vertical eye to the watch. You can easily purchase this amazing collection in some exciting dial colors such as yellow, red or blue. The watch also displays the Ikepod’s signature rubber strap with vanilla scent.

Hemipode: The collection is extremely popular among watch collection buffs. The models by this collection include the Jourbillon and the grand Date. This Ikepod collection is known to be less expensive as compared to other Tourbillon models. You would be surprised to know that the Hemipode Tourbillon by Ikepod is almost half the price of a traditional tourbillon timepiece that’s handcrafted. The watch was produced in a limited of just about ninety nine pieces. The grand date by Hemipode collection is known to be exceptional in its features, looks as well as benefits. The watch is oversized and designed in platinum, Stainless steel or gold.

The history of IKEPOD Watches:

The IKEPOD Watches Company was born in 1994. The founders of the company Mark Newson Oliver Ike dreamt about developing a fabulous watch series that display crystal clear image of super advanced designs and technical expertise.

The original design of these watches were invented due to the attractive personality of Newson. The Sydney born designer is known to have produced some exceptionally beautiful designs.

Today, IKEPOD Watches are known for their unique style, exceptional performance and magnetic designs. These watches have created a rage among a lot of people and watch lovers across the globe.

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