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Maurice Lacroix watches have been winning the hearts of many watch loves and collectors across the globe. These watches have been known for their art of striking a perfect balance between past and present. These are also known to generate a certain dynamism for themselves, that’s a promise that these will last forever.

When it comes to the perfection and dynamism of Swiss watch making, it has to be a compulsion to add the name of Maurice Lacroix watches in to the list. It has been more than a quarter of century that Maurice Lacroix watches have been serving people with their excellent and timeless timepieces. The brand is widely popular precision standards in conjunction with a no-compromise attitude towards technology and materials utilized.


Maurice Lacroix watches have always emphasized on producing watches that represent skillful craftsmanship that weds specific demands of the modern and advanced society.

Being a prestigious brand of Swiss watches from the Canton, Jura, Maurica Lacroix has always, taken the most advanced technologies, superior materials and consumer demands in to consideration. No wonder, the brand has been leading the competitive industry for a long time now. The brand is enjoying success both nationally and globally.

Maurice Lacroix watches is running four thousand selected specialty shops in more than about sixty countries across the globe. The company is also known to be one of the last few Swiss watch manufactures running independently.

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The Maurice Lacroix watches has successfully climbed the ladder up to reach to the highest ranks among top Swiss watch manufactures of today. The company has also maintained the original Swiss watch making art tradition.

The Maurice Lacroix watches brand has carved out a niche for themselves and created unique and highly complex movements for its much sought after. Masterpiece collection.

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Maurice Lacroix watches are also widely known for their intricacies and attention to detail. Most of their timepieces are hand crafted by skilled watch makers. The exclusive and exceptional Maurice Lacroix watches range consists of the following seven fabulous categories:

  • Pontos
  • Calypso
  • Miros
  • Les classiques
  • Selena
  • Divina:
  • Masterpiece collection

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The history of Maurice Lacroix watches:

The name Maurice Lacroix watches has been a reputed name in the field of Swiss watch manufacturing for a long time now. The history of Maurice Lacroix watches dates back to the year 1961 when Desco von Schulthess then AG based in Zurich acquired an assembly production house in a town of the canton of Jura, saignetegier. The production house produced some private label watches for both national as well as the international market.

The company laid its’ initial foundation in the year 1975 for its’ successful corporate history via introducing it’s first ever watch under the brand name Maurice Lacroix in Austria. The brand was formally launched on the Spanish market, the following year.

The Maurice Lacroix watches founded its personal sales organization in Germany in 1980. Today the company has successfully entered the US market enjoying the fruit of success in the international market.

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