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Montblanc watches has been successfully designing elegant and peerless timepieces for many years now. When it comes to quality, the brand has not left any stone unturned to provide the pinnacle of what currently exists and demanded by the consumer of today.

The brand offers a varied range of timeless watches. Some of their extremely popular and must sought after models are in gold created under the skilled guidance of superior craftsmanship. These include the following:

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  • Collection Villeret 1858
  • Star collection
  • Sport collection

The Montablanc collection villeret 1858 is known to represent a successful alliance between MontBlanc and Minerva. Minerva is a well known Swiss watch making organization founded in the year 1858. It has also earned a High reputation of superior quality workmanship. All the watches under this collection are exclusively handcrafted.

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The 18K gold Montblanc watch is known to be the most elegant of all the gold timepieces Montablanc has to offer. These watches are available in white or rose gold and known as the star lady Automatic Moonplase. An elegant white mother of pearl dial is set with diamonds to give these watches an arresting appearance.

Another option of strap is an exquisite light blue alligator strap. The strap really set off the piece. The rectangular Montablanc profile lady gold is the watch tat has acquired most popularity and all of the Montblanc watches. The timepiece is available either in snake skin strap or alligator strap in a varied variety of colors. The watch comes in superior gold casing and an eye catching month of pearl dial.

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Montblanc watches are created in the Montblanc facility where it takes about three hundred hours to work on a single time piece. All the watches are assembled carefully with tweezers and magnifying glasses. These efforts are put in order to produce exceptional pieces. All the Montblancwatches are manufactured in the mountains of Swiss Jura. Every finished piece by Montblanc is known as a Meisterstuck – a Masterpiecec.

The marketing strafed of Montblanc watches includes celebrity endorsements and these come from the following well known personalities:

  • Lang lang (pianist)
  • Johnny Depp
  • Katherine Jenkins
  • Nicolas cage.

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The history of Montblanc watches:

The company was founded in 1906 by the banker Alfred Netimia, the stationer claus-Johannes voss and the engineer August Eberstein. The company started as the Simplo filler pen organization that focused on producing hi-end pens in hamburg.

The Rouge it Noir was their first model launched in 1909. Another pen followed in 1910 and the company acquired anew name, the MontBlanc. Meisterstruck was the first pen under the brand. It was a fountain pen produced in the year 1925. Today, the brand is producing various other luxury products besides pens including the much sought after Montblanc watches.

The brand logo was born in 1913. There has been no looking back for Montblanc watches since then. The saga of creating some of the most demanded and reputed watch models continues.

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