Movado Watches

Movado Watches

Movado group Inc. is known to be a leading manufacture of luxury and hi-end Swiss Watches since 1881. They designs, manufactures, and distributes Movado, Ebel, Concord, ESQ by Movado, Coach, Vizio, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Juicy Couture and Tommy Hilfiger watches worldwide. The company can be referred to as the union of many historic skilled and experienced watch makers including Concord and the Swiss Movado companies. It is also known for its iconic Museum dial which is defined by a single gold dot symbolizing the sun at high noon, the hands suggesting the movement of the earth.

Movado Master Automatic

The Movado Watches has a licensing agreement to make watches under the famous Coach brand an luxury American leather goods company. The brand is a name related to fine quality leather goods. It also distribution the pinnacle quality and hi-end Swiss watches of Piaget and Corum. The organization is known to successfully operate many retail Movado stores. These stores sell top-of-the-line Swiss watches, home and office accessories and jewelery.

The most identifiable product from the brand is the popular Movado Museum watch. The watch is black with an amazing numberless face adorn with only a single dot at 12 o’ clock. The company was formerly referred to as the North American watch company.

Movado Watches has always been a great admirer of innovation when it comes to modern technology and design integration in to watches. The Polyplan watch launched by the brand in the year 1912 came up with a superior curved design.

The movements were designed in a fashion to conform to an elongated case that followed the plane of the wrist of the wearer. Movade undertakes great pride in claiming to have won top awards at the Brussels, Paris and liege world expositions.

The brand acquired international prominence and in the year 1920, Movado Watches was seen manufacturing more than about seven hundred distinct wrist watch models. Two of the most famous watches from the brand from the era of 1920s include the Valentino The model was inspired by Rudolf valentine, the glamorous star of the silent screen. The watch was encased in exquisite snake skin and The Ermeto.

The Ermeto:

This was a handheld watch that came in a small box. When the case was opened, the beautiful timepiece was reveled. The motion was known to wound the watch automatically. This was known to be an ingenious design promoted by the company via extensive publicity. The model was created in a varied variety of styles, some of the most popular ones include the etched silver or gold and even the enameled versions such as the striking white and black checkerboard design. The luxury Ermeto watches were set in precious stones.

The history of Movado Watches

The history of Movado Watches is vast. Several roots have been involved in the making of the current Movado watches group. The company in the United states dates back to the year 1961 as the North American watch company run by an immigrant from Cuba, Gedalio Grinbeg.

He was the owner of fifty percent of the company and had a partnership with a famous Swiss watch maker and a group of 3 U.S businessmen. The Company became the parent company of concord and Corum. Movado was older and founded in 1881 by Achille Ditesheim.

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  1. Mark says:

    The company in the United states dates back to the year 1961 as the North American watch company run by an immigrant from Cuba, Gedalio Grinbeg.

  2. sandra says:

    the watch is so beautiful

  3. tuti says:

    i love this watch…i have 1 movado is almost 6 years n never change the battrey…thanks

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    Please can you let me know if the Juro range 0605030 has been discontinued?

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