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Muhel-Glashutte watches are a product of long existing German organization that manufactures clock. However, over the past ten years, the focus of the company turned to the designing of some accurate and notable Swiss –movement instruments that can be referred to as the finest and classic examples of high-end men’s luxury jewelry.

Most models produced by Muhel-Glashutte watches includes a date calendar as well as a solid stainless steel case with a screw down back. The closure type models include the deployant style, butterfly with spring release and traditional tang style.

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There are some exciting water resistance level options under the Muhel-Glashutte watches brand. The watches offer 50m and 100 m water resistance. The watches are available in elegant designs.

All the dials, bezels, crowns, crystals and hands of each design are created in order to enhance the view as well as to provide each piece a specialized and unique style. Use of contrasting colors to create the dials give life to the watches. Certain designs also have Arabic numbers. Some designs light up with elegant luminous markers for every five minutes.

Muhel-Glashutte watches are also known for exclusive designs that lasts for a lifetime. Some of the most popular and timeless creations by Muhel-Glashutte watches include the following:

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  • The Busines Timer
  • The Homage Robert Muhle 111
  • Modern Art
  • Jeutonia Big date

All the above stated creations are known for their history of perfection and flawless to lead in the field of luxury watches.

The history fo Muhel-Glashutte watches:

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The history of Muhel-Glashutte watches is associated to precise measuring of time. The watch company has been in existence since 1800. In fact, exact navigation has been possible only because of the precise chronometers by Muhle-glashutte. The watch making companies have been making these instruments since1869. The best part is that the similar quality and reliability has German watches. They are known to come out with the most innovative, stylish yet functional designs.

Prior to being delivered to the designation, to the destination, each instrument is thoroughly analyzed by a comprehensive function test. This makes sure that the watch reaches the final destination in the best of condition.

It has been of almost 135 years since the Muhel-Glashutte watches company has been opened by the great grand father of the by current owner Hans-Jurgen Muhle. In earlier days, the company focused on manufacturing clock. The production of high-end watches was added later. This decision to expand the company proved to extremely successful and fruitful to the company.

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Today, wrist watch manufacturing has become the core business of the company. The business has been flourishing since past ten years now.

For Muhel-Glashutte watches, accuracy is the most important factor. No wonder the company has been ruling the luxury watch manufacturing industry for a long time now.

If you are looking forward to purchase the best, look no further than Muhel-Glashutte watches.

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