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Nomos Glashutte is a well known German watch making company that was founded in the year 1991 in Glashutte, Saxony.

Today, Nomos Watches has focused on manufacturing the best of mechanical watches with excellent hand-wound movements. The Swiss-made ETA SA and Peseux 7001 were the basis for the watch movement until the year 2005. All the watches manufactured under this brand bear the following labels and come equipped with gilded movements.

  • Glashutte/SA
  • Made in Germany

Until the year 2005, Nomos Watches has used only their own facility and movements known as Alpha, the standard manual movement, Beta with date display and Delta with both date and power reserve display. All these new movements are provided the labels; Glashutte and Germany. These are also nicked plated with cool Geneva Stripes. Tongomat was introduced in the year 2006. The watch includes the following movement.

Nomos Watches-1

  • Epsilon : Automatic
  • Zeta : Automatic with date display.

The watches under the brand Nomos were designed in the year, 1990 by Susanne Gunther. These watches were built in the famous Bauhaus Purist style. The timepieces have also one several prestigious design awards.

Nomos Watches-2

The company started manufacturing the chronometerwerke range. This was more on the expensive side and designed for wempe by a famous German Jeweler.

Here are some of the most important and famous models introduced in the market by Nomos Watches:

  • Ludwig
  • Tangente
  • Tangente
  • Tangenate Date Power Reserve
  • Tetra (square model)
  • Tangente sport
  • Tangomat automatic
  • Tangomat Date automatic
  • Club

Nomos Watches-3

The Nomos Watches utilize a Nomos IT hand wound movement. All the parts of the movement are exclusively based on an ETA ebauche. All these parts have been refined as per the Glashutte tradition and developed in a fashion that the efforts lead in to an all new movement. Significant part such as the balance, spring and the well-known triovis regulating system are manufactured for Nomos.
The case of Nomos Watches is constructed of Supreme quality, hand polished stainless steel and 3162 Surgical steel. The case is nicked free. All other models are available in platinum or gold. These watches are resistant to 30 meters. The dial of Nomos Watches are exquisitely crafted via using slender dial markings in or order to balance in the natural slender hands.

The straps are hand crafted and made from shell cordovan leather. The leather is expensive and found on only the premium purses, wallets and shoes.

Nomos Watches-5

The packaging of Nomos Watches is also given good emphasis on. All watches are available in a black velvet lined box constructed of poplar wood.

The history of Nomos Watches:

The history of Nomos Watches dates back to 1991. This was the year when the company became the first German timepiece company (post reunification) to manufacture a watch in glashutte that bore the name of he city.

All watches by Nomos are mechanical and feature supreme level of finishing.

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