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Oris Watches have been in the industry for a long time now. These watches have also been successful in creating waves in the luxury Swiss watch making industry by launching some superb models. All the watches produced under the brand are one of a kind and tend to provide the best when it comes to performance or style. When it comes to 100 percent reliability, Oris Watches can be trusted with closed eyes.

There are several significant elements that make these watches exclusive and so much in demand among the most famous personalities across the globe.

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An Oris watch is a paragon of skilled craftsmanship, quality and value in the field of mechanical watch manufacturing.

The brand has always followed the valuable Swiss watchmaking tradition and analytical craftsmanship.

The watch brand is religiously devoted to manufacturing exceptional mechanical timepieces that come with fabulous self winding automatic movements. The feature is highlighted towards the back of an Oris timepiece where you can easily view the unique Oris red rotor that generates the power for laudable movement.

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Oris Watches are also known to manufacture a wide range of models that feature a number of premium quality Swiss Mechanical movements. These movements are usually found to expensive timepieces. The features include the world timer, the automatic, moon phase, day and date complications and a lot others. These movements are combined with a wide variety of distinctive designs including some of the classic watch shapes such as square, round and tonneau

The brand is known to be a key sponsor of the famous Williams BMW f1 Team since the year 2003 and features Ralf Schumacher as the brand ambassador.

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The watches under this brand have also appeared in many Hollywood flicks such as eight Millimeter, BarMan forever, kate and Leopold and Jurassic park. The list of high profile Oris brand ambassadors include David Breckham and Keanu Reeves.

Classic Models by Oris:

  • Oris Big crown
  • Oris world times with movement. It is the worlds’ first mechanical watch to feature two analogue time displays with timezone adjustment and a push button.

Current models by Oris:

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Oris Artelier Series:

  • Artelier chronograph
  • Artelier complication
  • Artelier Big Date
  • Artelier Pointer Date
  • Artelier Date.

Oris TT1/ TT2 series:

  • Oris TT1/ TT2 series:
  • TT2 Day Date
  • TT2 Williams F1 chrono
  • TT1 world timer
  • TT1 professional Divers
  • TT1 Divers Titan
  • TT1 divers Titan chronograph
  • TT1 divers Titan chronograph
  • TT1 Day Date
  • TT1 ladies
  • TT1chronograph
  • TT1 Day Date lefty.

The history of Oris Watches

The famous brand of Swiss watches was founded in 1904 by Georges Christian and paul Cattin at Holstein. The full chronometer certification was obtained by Oris in the year 1968 and n 2003, the brand signed an agreement to be the sole supplier of timepieces to the BMW Willams formula 1 team.

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  1. Gordon says:

    That’s interesting, I have a watch and only when I wear it, it starts to work, but i have to wind it first and if i keep it on for a week or what ever amout of time, it still working.

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