Panerai Watches


Panerai is on Italian brand of luxury Panerai owned by the famous company Richemont international SA. The watches are manufactured in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Some of the movements are manufactured and designed in house. Panerai Watches has been extremely successful with their large timepieces. The trend was followed by many eminent brands such as IWC, audemars piguet, Rolex and Swatch.

Today, Panerai Watches offers four major lines of timepieces including the following stated below:

Panerai Watches-1

  • Manifattura
  • Historic
  • Contemporary
  • Special Editions

Panerai Watches is known to issue special edition each year. In the year 2006, the brand issued the famous 1936 California Dial Radiomir special edition. This was actually a reissue of he first Panerai model ever presented to the Italian Marna militare.

The price range of the contemporary collection varied between $6200 – $25500 for the solid gold Marina.

Panerai Watches

The Aficionados collection of Panerai are known as ‘Paneristi’. The lines of ferroristi are also extremely famous among people across the globe.

Some of the most popular models under the Panerai Watches include Luminor Power Reserve, luminor Luminor chrono, Luminor Radiomir, Luminor Submersible and a lot lot more.

The current Models by Panerai Watches include the Following Stated below:

Panerai Watches

  • Luminor Base
  • Luminor Marina
  • Radiomir
  • Luminor Marina Automatic
  • Luminor submersible
  • GMT
  • Power Reserve
  • Luminor chrono
  • Luminor Radiomir
  • Luminor Radiomir
  • Luminor Radiomir GMT/ Alarm.
  • Radiomir period Rolex movement
  • Luminor Marina Militare caliber Panerai OP II Titanium,
  • Radiomir GMT/Alarm
  • Luminor chrono flyback
  • Luminor automatic Montecarlo 2000
  • Radiomir Platinum
  • Radiomir zerograph
  • Radiomir Tourbillon
  • Luminor Marina Militare Vespucci.
  • Luminor mavina Regatta
  • Tadiomir independent
  • Radiomir seconds counter
  • Luminor GMT Regatta 2002
  • Luminor chrono for AMG
  • Luminor sealand for purday
  • Luminor 1950
  • Radiomir chrono sploit seconds
  • Luminor blancseal
  • Luminor chrono Regatta 2003
  • Luminor marina Tantalium
  • Radiomir chrono
  • Radiomir chrono split seconds
  • Luminor Maniva PVD
  • Luminor chrono submersible 1000m
  • Luminor chrono submersible 2500m.
  • Luminor submersible Regatta 2004
  • Black seal compass.

The history of Panerai Watches

Panerai Watches

The history of Panerai Watches dates back to the year 1860 when Giovanni panerai founded the family business and started his first watch maker’s shop in Florence, ponte alle Grazie. He made contact with the most reputed and longest existing manufactures of Swiss watch. Giovannis succeeded by his son, Leon Franceso.

During the period 1890 – 1900, guido Panerai, the founder’s grandson expanded his grandfathers’ business and grew it to new heights.

Today, the brand is widely recognized for a wide number of unsurpassable watch models. These watches are loved and admired by a huge number of celebrities and personalities across the globes.

Panerai Watches are the best choice if you are looking for a reliable, performance oriented time piece in varied styles.

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