Perrelet Watches


Perrelet Watches is a famous Swiss Watch making company. The organization has been widely known for manufacturing some of the excellent timepiece. These watches are a hot favorite among many watch lovers & collection across the globe. The watches are also unique and elegant in their styles & designs. Serving the customers & the elite group of the society, the Perrelet Watches has been categorized as the most popular & reputed Swiss watches making company across the globe.

The Perrelet Watches dynasty has been responsible for some of the most prominent innovations during the last three centimes.

Perrelet Watches

The company is known to produce about three thousand watches in one of the historic buildings situated in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

The Perrelet Watches is known to produce self winding watches based on the original principles introduced by Abraham-Louis Perrelet. In the year 1995, the company introduced another invention that has been a significant step for the watch industry.

The step was referred to be a technical as well as an aesthetic achievement to the company. It’s was the invention of the first ever double rotor watch.

The mechanism that circumscribes an upper rotor that’s visible from the dial as well as a lower rotor that enhances existing self winding mechanical movements as it is able to draw energy from 2 rotors instead of one. This results in a faster, more stable process of winding as compared to other automatic movements.

There are several models introduced by Perrelet Watches that have gained extreme popularity among people across the globe.

Each watch introduced by the company is hand created. Watch dials, bracelets and cases are fitted with a jewellers touch. The upper rotors are constructed of 18 k gold. These also consist of scratch resistant sapphire crystals.

All the watches by this company are water resistant up to a level of thirty meters. The best part is that each water s engraved with its own number present on the case back. This is a guarantee of it is uniqueness & authenticity.

The straps of Perrelet Watches are crafted from the finest of feathers including exquisite skin such as ostrich, Missisippi alligalos & caiman.

This history of Perrelet Watches

The history of Perrelet Watches dates back to the year 1729 when Abrahem-Louis Pevelet was born. He was an innovative watch maker. He emphasized on the job of watch making entirely of the age of twenty. With the growing reputation as skilled craftsman over the years, his innovations were soon in great demand. He was known to be the first to produce watches with cylinder, date, duplex equation escapements. He achieved notable perfection in finishing & also enhanced the Wheels, Pinions, winding & escapements mechanism.

After devoting eighty glorious years to develop expert watch making techniques, Abraham passed away in 1826.

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