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Rado is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer with its headquarters located in Lengnau, Switzerland. The brand is highly notable for its use of scratch proof materials. In fact, the brand has been the pioneer in the field of scratch proof materials used for watch making.


The design of the watch differs and available in a wide variety. The brand believes in utilizing in conventional high tech materials and designs. Rado has also used some unique materials such as Tugsten and titanium carbide, ceramics, sapphire crystal and lanthanum. In the year 2004, the impressive V10K was introduced. The watch had and elegant coaling of high-tech diamond. The watch is known to be the hardest on each.

Rado watches are not only about the material. These watches look quite different from other makers on the market. During the course of many years of existence, the company has received many precious awards. The brand has won more than about twenty international design awards. Some of the most prominent ones include the. If design Award & the Red Door Award.

The price for Rado watches range according to the age, model and materials. Usually a Rado is priced anywhere between US$400- US $ 28,000.

Rado suffers from increased levels of forgeries on the market. Hence, the company has come out with a small list of authorized retailers varied countries where it operates. These watches are forbidden to sell a Rado online. The price for a take is under $200 USD. These are not scratch proof.

Rado Watches are unique in their appearance, performance and styles. The unusual yet prefect amalgamation of unconventional material such as hi-tech ceramics, hard metal and sapphire crystals maker Rado the leading brand in the industry of innovative watches.

These watches are a great pleasure to wear as these are comfortable, stylish & anatomical.

The history of Rado Watches

Rado Watches have been related to Pinnacle quality introductions created from the finest scratch proof materials in the world. The company has already achieved great success in the industry & distributed large amount of timepiece worldwide.

The history of Rado Watches dates back to the 1917. When the company was established in Switzerland. With the introduction the world’s first scratch proof watch under the name of Rado DiaStar in 1960, the brand achieved great nam & same.

The company collaborated with the elite SMH group, now famous as the Swatch group. The event was the biggest conglomerate- across the globe.

The brand offers a wide variety of watches that serves the purpose of both high fashion jewelry & unique time pieces.

The brand is going to rule the industry in the future. The brand has already won many hearts across the globe. A lot of celebrities and famous personalities around the world are known to cherish this brand.

Rado Watches have been able to create a niche for themselves on the market. No wonder, the brand is known to be one of the most reputed & sought after brands available.

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  1. Mahaza says:

    I personally think they (Rado Watches) are better as Rolex is over rated, Rolex movements are over-hyped, Rolex watches look stale, Rolex stories are nothing but a myth

    see the arguments against Rolex at this site http://ca.askmen.com/fashion/trends_500/515_the-argument-against-rolex-watches.html

  2. SMH Watches says:

    The company collaborated with the elite SMH group?

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