Roger Dubuis Watches


The Roger Dubuis Watches is a Geneva watch company. The company is known to produce some of the finest watches for consumers. Every watch is handmade and come in exclusive edition with limits just as low as 28 for all gold models.

Company has also come up with some new calibers that include the ten lines mini-flying tourbillion. The brand is popular for some of the exclusive innovations such the following:

Roger Dubuis Watches

  • The world’s first mechanical movement with a platinum micro-rotor.
  • The world’s first mechanical chronograph movement with a column wheel.
  • The self-winding mechanical movement that features a triple time zone with city display & global time.

Here are some of the most important collections by Roger Dubuis Watches:

There are about eight Roger Dubuis Watches collections presently featured. Each collection offers unique style and exquisite designs to the consumers. The best part is that these watches have managed to maintain high standards.

The interesting collections include the following:

  • Excalibur
  • Saw
  • Too much
  • Sympathie
  • Much More
  • Hommage
  • Golden Square
  • Follow me

The most popular collection in the Hommage collection that was launched in the year 1996. This was a throw back to the era of 1930s. The collection was designed in a fashion to appear innovative & stylish. It fashions bold numerals in conjunction with a sleek strap case combination.

The Sympathie Collection came out in the year 1996. The collection is famous as the complex & modernized technology oriented. The watches are both sporty & practical.

The same collection was updated & then re launched in the year 2006. The year 1998 saw the advent of Much More collection. The collection became extremely popular & successful. The most striking features about the collection is their rectangular dial & sleek style.

The golden square collection is quite a hit among watch wearers. The models manufactured under this collection are available in four varied sizes.

The history of Roger Dubuis Watches

The Roger Dubuis Watches history dates back to the year, 1980 when Roger Dubui’s, the founder of the company became an independent watch maker.

His experience in handling timepiece and understanding the business line helped him a lot in establishing his own manufacturing house with Carlos Dias in the year 1995. The first year of production was the remarkable wherein Roger Dubuis Watches came up with the much popular & sought after Sympathie & Hommage collection.

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