TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A10.BA0796 Carrera Automatic Chronograph

Part of having an automatic watch is to wear it each day. If you have large wrists, the TAG Heuer CV2A10.BA0796 should fit you well with its wide design. The TAG Heuer CV2A10.BA0796 looks sporty enough, but you can still use it while wearing a suit. At first glance, the watch’s exceptional presence begins with its sapphire-encrusted back, black bezel and brushed stainless steel case. The black dial is protected adequately by a scratch resistant layer made from sapphire crystal.

This exquisite watch should strap nicely to your wrist thanks to the tapered stainless steel bracelet. By deploying the clasp with its double push-button, you can make sure the watch stays on your wrist. Finally, this watch is extremely durable with the ability to resist submersion in up to 100 meters of water. The watch seems to represent Tag Heuer’s reputation for gold-standard quality that earns the company the reputation of delivering exceptional accuracy.

tag heuer carrera

However, you should be aware that the thickness of the watch’s far may interfere with your button sleeve, especially if there’s too little space between your sleeve and wrist. Many owners use their Tag Heuer with a suit, but some may consider the case and the face too thin.

However, unlike digital watches, you should make sure beforehand that you don’t get a defective watch that loses or gains seconds too much, or else you need to work with the time adjustment control every few days. Nevertheless, users who find that their Tag Heuer watch gains a few seconds every couple of days can keep the timing more accurate by placing the watch face up. Users should also send the watch for a major maintenance every five years and it may also require a significant rebuild before 20 years after constant use.

Even with daily wear, this luxury watch is something you can pass on to the next generation as an heirloom piece. Being a chronograph watch, the TAG Heuer CV2A10.BA0796 seems to have a proper “racing design”, with a speed tachymeter around the bezel and a stopwatch. These features allow you to determine your speed, by measuring distance and time. The watch has two “second hands”; the large one is for chronograph, while the smaller one is used as the normal second hand.

The date and day indicators are shown at the “3” position and they are large enough too see. The minute counter is located at the “12” position, while the hour counter is at “6”. These counters can be used by the chronograph to time a car or person. The back of the watch is clear crystal and it allows you to see the inner part of the watch. The clear back also makes it easier for you to tell if the watch is fake.

The TAG Heuer CV2A10.BA0796 is something you can keep for a very long time and some owners may have no desire of using other watches after buying this. When you are thinking of a luxury timepiece for men, you should consider TAG Heuer CV2A10.BA0796 with its masculine and superbly wearable design.

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