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DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W. Horizons Luxury Watch Review


Watch around our writs is a constant reminder of how precise we should be when managing time. DeWitt regularly releases watches with perceptible differences for each gender. DeWitt watches for women tend to be thinner and sleeker; made from titanium, platinum, gold and silver, these items are crafted specifically to meet each women’s refined taste. However, the DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W. Horizons is a different kind of luxury watch. It is intended for distinguished gentlemen and can Read more

Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon Review


The Cartier Astrotourbillon is a clear statement of how future Cartier watchmaking should be. There is certainly something charming about the Cartier Astrotourbillon, which is not easily visible to common observers. Cartier has revealed that they will release more exciting complication watches in the future and there’s no reason for us to doubt it.


The case of Cartier Astrotourbillon has exactly the same dimension with the original Rotonde at 47mm, with great weight distribution. The Read more

Glashütte Original Pano Reserve Gold Watch Make You say Wow!


Glashutte Original PanoReserve 18K Watch Glashutte PanoReserve Watch, the third out of some best watches of the Pano collection designed by Glashutte, is a superb luxury watch that reflects an undeniably sophisticated look and finely polished body.

However, the use of the technologies and the technical perfection of the watch is another factor that highlights it to be one of the best. As the Pano series of the Glashutte contains a range of selected timepieces only, you can Read more

Making of Tourbillon Watches by Blancpain


The watch lovers heaven, the TOURBILLON

Blancpain, a renowned name in the world of Swiss watches, has been delivering great craftsmanship and performance in and out through its wrist watches which attracts a big deal of luxury watch buyers. The technical fineness and the great and timely finish of its look and internal development lets it to be the favorite of any luxury watch buyer who believes in buying stylish and looking stylish.

Every year, Read more

Bulgari Serpenti Watches


A watch has always been considered as a status symbol but lately it has turned to be one of the unavoidable fashionable ornaments as well which gents and ladies; anybody loves to flaunt and feel proud of for possessing.

Buying luxury watches and then flaunting these among public has been quite like a trend these days and what can be as best a possession than the Bvlgari Serpenti Watches. Looks quite like a serpent, but dazzling Read more

Audemars Piguet Watch: Oak Watches from Audemars Piguet

Oak Watches from Audemars Piguet

Time is precious and most valuable thing for anyone in the world today, so people wear watches to be on time or even ahead of time. You can wear a watch as that fashion accessory which will surpass the need for quite many of other ornaments. In this context the Oak watches from Audemars Piguet would be something for the lady luck that anybody would crave to own.

Only a few words are for description but when you look at Read more

DeWitt Watches

The RM 2.2 Million DeWitt Watch

The company was founded just a few years ago. However, this does not put any affect is the prestige, value and fame. DeWitt Watches have been enjoying and gathering from their clientele. Yes, within a short span of time, the firm has managed to come up with a dedicated and huge clientele of its’ owner. This is not all. The company has also created an identity and place of its’ own in the comaptitive luxury watch industry. Read more