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Christian Dior VIII Collection Watches Review


Christian Dior is widely known as a leader in the fashion industry and watches released by the company is a strong symbol of high status and class. These watches would easily attract plenty of envious glances as it represents high taste and prestige. Christian Dior watches are manufactured entirely in Switzerland and they are the combination the craftsmanship of many expert watchmakers in the country. The house is expanding internationally and it continues to create wonderful timepieces Read more

Patek Philippe Ref. 7071: The Ladies First Chronograph Review


Patek Phillips watches often hold special meaning for those with horological interests. The watchmaker is widely known for some of the most expensive and exquisite timepieces. Many people are attracted by their unique design and the brand still goes in search for illusive women collectors. Major watch makers and retailers deal regularly with female clients and Patek Philippe with Ref. 7071 recently shook up the scene.

Women in the market today are looking for watches designed and Read more

Bulgari Serpenti Watches


A watch has always been considered as a status symbol but lately it has turned to be one of the unavoidable fashionable ornaments as well which gents and ladies; anybody loves to flaunt and feel proud of for possessing.

Buying luxury watches and then flaunting these among public has been quite like a trend these days and what can be as best a possession than the Bvlgari Serpenti Watches. Looks quite like a serpent, but dazzling Read more

Audemars Piguet Watch: Oak Watches from Audemars Piguet

Oak Watches from Audemars Piguet

Time is precious and most valuable thing for anyone in the world today, so people wear watches to be on time or even ahead of time. You can wear a watch as that fashion accessory which will surpass the need for quite many of other ornaments. In this context the Oak watches from Audemars Piguet would be something for the lady luck that anybody would crave to own.

Only a few words are for description but when you look at Read more

DeWitt Watches

The RM 2.2 Million DeWitt Watch

The company was founded just a few years ago. However, this does not put any affect is the prestige, value and fame. DeWitt Watches have been enjoying and gathering from their clientele. Yes, within a short span of time, the firm has managed to come up with a dedicated and huge clientele of its’ owner. This is not all. The company has also created an identity and place of its’ own in the comaptitive luxury watch industry. Read more