William Baume collection Enjoy the limited edition watches


The William Baume collection by Baume and Mercier has left no stone unturned to keep the watch enthusiasts happy. They have come up with just the best of time pieces that can be expected by a high end brand like this.

The William Baume collection has been named after the one of the founders of Baume and Mercier. In fact the watch is a tribute to one of the best watch making skills across the globe.

In 2008, the William Baume collection was composed of three models. Today, the collection constitutes of 4 watches including the most famous single push-piece chronograph. This watch holds a historical significance based on the single push-piece function created by Baume and Mercier in the year 1938.

One of the most striking feature of this watch is the 18k red gold XL-sized case measuring 41mm. This is a single push piece chronograph that comes with a hand stitched brown alligator strap. These are available with limited edition because only 20 of them are available.

The latest edition of the William Baume tour billon model is available in an XXL size. The case is made of 18k red gold. Just 10 of these watches were made.

The most interesting thing about these watches is that these are ultra thin. You would fall for the superior elegance of these watches. The technical innovation is worth a billion appreciations

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