20 Creative Packaging Designs You Would Like to See


It’s true that packaging influences customer’s decision on purchasing a product. When choosing a product, the first thing we think about is the package. If the package looks good then we might want to know more about the product by reading the information on the package. If the information is satisfying then we may buy the product.

Packaging has an important role as a marketing tool. It is as important as the product itself. Trough the package, we advertise the Read more

20 Simple Techniques to Create Impressive Background with Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop has been around for more than a decade and it has become a preferred tool for many. No professional designers and photographers can live without Adobe Photoshop. There is always someone in the web design and photography team that has the skill to utilize all the powerful capabilities and features of Photoshop. This exciting piece of editing tool can easily enhance web graphics, landscape, action shots, portraits and others.

Working with background can be tricky as users need Read more

A collection of Retro Themes To Give Your Blog A Vintage Look


Retro themes are stylish and classic and portray the users’ unique taste. The general appearance of any WordPress website is pegged on the quality of the theme. You can choose to download them for free or purchase premium ones whose prices ranges from a few dollars to even thousands. As much as premium themes are the best, many start ups might still find them expensive and choose to stick to the free retro WordPress themes that deliver better vintage look Read more

10 Free And Paid E-Commerce Themes For Your Online Shop


The e-commerce industry has been on an upward trend since its inception with hundreds of merchants setting up shop online every day. For any serious marketer wishing to make an impact online, it is important to have the appropriate theme for your online shop. A variety of free and premium wordpress themes are available depending on what you intend to sell.

Kakileema Lite WordPress eCommerce Themes

Ideal for those selling clothes. It comes with widgets for the footer and sidebar Read more

Free Halloween WordPress themes


  Cute Happy Halloween Banner by ~jeimarU

Halloween is round the corner, and planning for it has already begun. People are doing all sorts of things to make their Halloween special – from making their dresses to hollowing out pumpkins to create jack-o-lantern to planning theme parties.

If you are a WordPress-based blog or website owner then one exciting way to make your Halloween special is to adorn your WordPress website with themes specially created for Read more

15 Absolutely Free New WordPress Themes in 2012

Free Wordpress Theme Grid

Every day countless Free WordPress Themes are released, but unfortunately it’s tough to locate a right theme for your blog. You may get free themes which are not compatible with latest WordPress or you will find the originality and uniqueness to some is missing. If you try to go looking for new WordPress themes many questions will arise e.g. Are they responsive design? Compatibility tested? How do I edit? and many, though you will find many, most of them are Read more

Designing a modern web design layout


Designing a modern looking website may be a daunting task for new website designers, but thanks to those professional designers who do spent quality time creating great tutorials that helps newbies who may want to learn modern website design from their experience. These tutorials really help them to apply modern web designing elements and to create a fabulous website design. A little bit of research allows you to find great tutorials, here are few interesting resources you must read before Read more

Halloween Artworks: A collection of amazing artworks for Halloween


Banner Credit: ToonTwins

Halloween, the celebration of fear and fun, has been around for centuries. Some people even relate it to Roman feast of Pomana, while other relates it to the Celtic festival of Samhain, and yet others to other ancient festivals of dead.

What I wanted to say is, the festival has been celebrated for long enough for men and women of excellence to create some mesmerizing (and yes terrifying as well) images, Read more