Designing a modern web design layout

Designing a modern looking website may be a daunting task for new website designers, but thanks to those professional designers who do spent quality time creating great tutorials that helps newbies who may want to learn modern website design from their experience. These tutorials really help them to apply modern web designing elements and to create a fabulous website design. A little bit of research allows you to find great tutorials, here are few interesting resources you must read before creating your dream website design.

Design a Modern & Stunning Web Layout

In this tutorial Stelian Subotin of presented a detailed illustration on how to create a clean and professional business layout using Photoshop. It has a great mix of colors and elements and is great for business owners and service providers.

Click here to read Corporate Business – Design a Modern & Stunning Web Layout from Stelian Subotin of

Web Strategy Guidelines: Building A Website From Start to Finish

Whether you’re a novice or veteran, the process of building a website is a complex task. It’s important to begin the project thinking of the new website as a whole. Stephanie Bane a web designer and developer working at Well Done Marketing in Indianapolis, put together some excellent advice in this tutorial.

Image credit: One Extra Pixels

Click here to read Web Strategy Guidelines from

How To Build a Modern Website in 2011

Click here to read How To Build a Modern Website in 2011 from Tom Milway’s blog

Designing and Coding a Clean Multi Purpose Website

Making a nice little website for yourself or your freelancing company is not as hard as it may seem. This tutorial is aimed at everyone that needs a fairly simple (doesn’t mean dull and boring) yet stylish solution for their own small corner of the web, without having to go the extra mile.

Click here to read Web Tutorial: Designing and Coding a Clean Multi Purpose Website from Sergei Tatarinov of

Grid Layouts in Modern Web Design

Click here to read Grid Layouts in Modern Web Design from

Also you must read about The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web at They are compiling A practical guide to web typography, which a is great resource for beginners as well as professionals.

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