Free Halloween Fonts to make your Halloween exciting


Halloween is round the corner, and the time for playing trick-or-treating, decorating house, watching horror films, and creating jack-o’-lanterns has arrived. You must be planning to design your costumes, mask, and materials for pranks, and for that you will need some cool fonts that encapsulate the message your want to convey through your designs. I am going to provide you a list of fonts that will help you craft your design in a way that will create Read more

Photoshop Tutorials: Create a Nebula Cosmolady


This Photoshop tutorial is my pick of the day. If you are looking to create a stunning Nebula Cosmolady, just follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to create a image like this one. In this tutorial you will also learn how to use a variety of color, lighting, and cut and paste techniques to add colorful effects to a picture. Click here to visit this tutorial.

Gridless: HTML5 and CSS3 framework

gridless HTML 5 framework

Another quality framework in line with Blueprint CSS. Gridless is open-source HTML5 and CSS3 framework helps you to make cross browser compatible web pages with beautiful typography. Click here to visit gridless.

Are you a Comic Sans Criminal?


Are you using Comic Sans Fonts appropriately? Recently I stumbled across, this is a unique website presents the information about how to use Comic Sans in an appropriate manner.

How to create an awesome Abstract using Photoshop

Awesome Abstract Effect Photoshop Tutorials

When you create an abstract image, you never get it right first time – it is all about trial and error, so you need to spend some time on this tutorial to create one of your own. Stumbled across this awesome photoshop tutorial and enjoy creating an awesome abstract design.

Click here to visit this tutorial.

Art Masterpieces on St. Valentine’s Day

by artstyledesign

Looking for some Art Masterpieces on St. Valentine’s Day, try some cool graphics on St. Valentine’s Day. Use these designs to decorate your website, greeting cards to share your love theme. Remember, don’t forget to thank the designers of these wonderful masterpieces.

Sprouts of love before dawn

Click here to visit designer’s site.

Vincent Valentine

Click here to visit designer’s site.

Be my Valentine

Read more

How to create a Harry Potter Style Text Effect using Photoshop

harry potter style text effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Harry Potter style text effect using Photoshop. This is an excellent example on how to use bevel effect and lens blur to manipulate text and create amazing effects.

This tutorial is presented by Johnson Koh, Art Director of Garena Online, based in Singapore. Read this awesome text effect tutorial at his blog at 10Steps.SG.