7 Facebook apps for your business


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Facebook, the most important social network online (and that’s not just a line, with over 400 million active users and 300 billion monthly page views, more than Google, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty important indeed) has become a hub for people to meet, communicate and interact.

But its function doesn’t stop at that. Seeing as most of the users are always online (either directly, by having a desktop or mobile client Read more

5 New Facebook apps for productivity


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Facebook, the largest and most popular social network online (it has over 400 million active users and gets over 300 billion monthly page views – just imagine the numbers!) was initially conceived and made for people that wanted to communicate with their friends and keep in touch with other people like faraway relatives, business partners and overseas friends.

But its popularity grew beyond anything the creators imagined and they decided to start offering more than Read more

6 Cool Facebook apps for entertainment.


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Needless to say Facebook, the biggest and most popular online social network with over 400 million users and 300 billion monthly page views, wouldn’t be where it is without offering people a lot more than just a communication tool.

With the introduction of a more advanced API, the Facebook Markup Language and, more importantly, Facebook apps, they made sure that there will be plenty of things to Read more

Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: create Retro-style illustration.


Looking to create some cool textures for background using Photoshop CS5, Here author from Adobetutorialz presented a real good tutorial on how to manipulate some stock photos to give them a retro-style look, and make create wonderful color variations.

This is a must read Photoshop tutorial, enjoy reading it here.

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Creating a 3D Water Text Effect with Repoussé


I found this wonderful tutorial from Abduzeedo’s blog, in this tutorial he will show you how to create a water text. Though it looks complex but it looks simple. Also you can download the sample file PSD and learn more from one of my favorite Photoshop Tutorial.

Click here to visit this tutorial. Click here to download the PSD.

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: Creating an Abstract Light Streaks poster


Recently I stumbled across AdobeTutorialz and found this stunning Photoshop CS5 tutorial on how to create an Abstract Light Streaks poster from scratch using Lighting effects, Noise, and Wave Photoshop CS5 filters. The amazing part of this tutorial is the rainbow stripes are actually created by hands instead of using any other image or wallpaper.

Click here to visit this tutorial and enjoy more goodies from AdobeTutorialz.com

7 Greasemonkey scripts that will enhance your Facebook experience

By now, everyone has already heard of Facebook, the biggest social network online. Chances are high, you already have an account that you created because you wanted to communicate with your friends or other people.

The default Facebook interface was created to be good enough and easy to use for all people, from tech-savvy kids to grandmothers and grandfathers that have never touched a computer in their life. But, of course, the developers can’t create a design that would suit everyone perfectly, because everyone has different taste and ways of thinking.

Besides, with a database of over 400 million active users (and growing at a rapid rate!), it would be impossible to even try it. But there is another way of personalizing the Facebook interface to your liking: do it on your computer!

You see, the Facebook and any other interfaces are just lines of code transmitted through cable from their servers to your computer. Your computer’s browser then creates and displays the page as it is supposed to be from the code.

Knowing this, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that you could “intercept” that code before it gets transformed and modify it to your liking. This is exactly what the developers of the so called Greasemonkey scripts intended and successfully created.

You just install a plugin for your browser, which will then run any kind of scripts that can modify any pages and interfaces to any kind of degree. You can, for example, combine Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on the same page, watch Youtube videos while chatting, completely change the colors and layout of everything on a site, and do a lot of other things. It’s all up to you, your imagination and coding skills or availability of already made scripts.

So, let’s take a look at a few Greasemonkey scripts that can significantly enhance your Facebook experience.

Facebook Fixer.

This is a very neat script that allows you to customize your Facebook account and give you a lot of new possibilities like the ability to hide various sections on the home page, use large images in the profile and album, integrate Google Calendar with Facebook and sync all the important dates (like birthdays, meetings, etc.), and much more.

Get Facebook Fixer here.

Better Facebook.

A script that is very similar to the above one, Better Facebook does what its name says: makes Facebook better. It achieves that by allowing you to have more control over your stories and personalization options. It adds new useful buttons, menus, sections and also notifies you when someone unfriends you.

So you are looking to build a better Facebook, get this script here.

Facebook Ads Remover.

This is a great script that does what its name says. Some may think that it would be better to leave the ads on, to support Facebook, and I would normally agree, but with all the scams that are showing up lately, I think it’s better to just completely disable them, at least for a while, until they sort it out and start enforcing stricter rules for advertisers.

Convinced? Click here to read more and get this useful script.

Unfriend Finder.

This script checks your friends lists every time you log in, informs you when someone unfriended you and also tells you why. It doesn’t give a real definite answer, though. There are only 2 possible reasons why someone would be removed from a friends list on Facebook: either they manually removed you or you removed them or they deleted their Facebook account (which is pretty hard to do, by the way) and are no longer on the network (the script will also inform you if and when they ever get back).

Get Unfriend Finder here.

Facebook Purity.

A nice script that helps you clean up your Facebook account’s main page and remove all of the useless stuff like the news feeds from Farmville, Mafia Wars and other games. It also lets you remove the sometimes annoying constant announcements of somebody friending someone, somebody joining a group or event and other information that you may not care about. You can also opt to block a few other things like photo tags, status comments or event postings.

Like to have this? click here to get Facebook Purity.

TinyURLs Decoder.

This script works not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter and any other site that has URL’s shortened with the most popular URL shortening services (like TinyURL, Bit.ly, U.nu and others).

While these services are useful and save space, sometimes you can fall into very nasty traps like pages with viruses, Trojans, porn, phishing sites that can steal your passwords and other unwanted things. This script replaces any tiny URLs with the real address, so you can have a better understanding of what to expect and decide whether to click or not.

Click here to get this useful script.

Facebook Auto Poke.

If you get a lot of pokes, you can find it tiring to poke them back manually. This is where this script comes in very handy: it automatically pokes back any pokes on your home page. Very simple, effective and useful. Click here to visit Facebook Auto Poke.

There are tons of other useful scripts on a lot of different sites. The best way to find them is by using Google or Bing and enter “Greasemonkey scripts for [site or web application you want]”, and you’ll definitely find a lot of them. You just have to try them out to see how powerful and useful they can be.

Photoshop effects: 10 awesome vintage textures for designers

Vintage Antique Script Texture by SolStock

Finding vintage textures with authentic look is a big headache for designers who are looking for inspirations/ examples of vintage style design. Creating something looks like old aged or vintage is still very much popular as it gives you feel of great memories that is priceless. I have put together a collection of 10 nice vintage textures you may find them as one of the most authentic looking vintage textures.

These creative birds worked harder to conceptualize these effects and Read more