Anatomy of a Logo: Elements that Make a Logo Great

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A logo is a visual representation of a brand or a company. In many cases, logo is the only symbol that customers remembers about the company (think Nike or Coca Cola and say what all you know about it), that is why creating a meaningful logo that conveys the message has to be organization’s top concern. And we cannot create a great logo until we know what makes a logo great. In this article, I will talk Read more

Facebook Games – Collection of 10 best of 2009

What makes Facebook so much successful? Is it the status messages, its useless-but-exciting quizzes, its ability to know about our friends even without asking them, or is it the games of Facebook that makes this such a formidable force on the Internet? For most of us at least for those engaged in “9 to 5” day jobs, it is the games that keep us glued to Facebook and off the mental tiring days. Facebook games are lifesavers for this group.

No. 1: FarmVille

Farming has gone urban. People in big cities, small cities, and village; in short, people everywhere are playing Farmville. This is a real-time farm simulation game that allows people plant, grow, and harvest crops, trees, and livestock. It also allows you to buy different buildings, farming equipments, and like. This is a very addictive game.

This game has around 27 million daily active users, and more than 73 million monthly active users. This game was developed by Zynga.

No. 2: Café World

If you are not the farmer type then Zynga has brought Café World. In this game you are given a restaurant to run. You are the head chef of your restaurant where you need to discover new dishes, cook, and serve the food. You can decorate your restaurant, increase the space, and even hire people to take your business to the next level. Like Farmville, you can also trade gifts and help friend grow their business.

This game has more than 9 million daily active users, while it has close to 32 million monthly active users.

No. 3: Happy Aquarium

This game is designed for the king of water. For those who love small fishes and want to watch them grow. One can also decorate one’s aquarium by using the stuffs available in here, and clean it to make it look fresh. New gifts and decorating items are constantly being added to the game, which you can use to beautify your aquarium, or to help a friend with what she needs. Watch your fish swim happily in your virtual aquarium.

This game was developed by CrowdStar. It has more than 7 million daily active users, and around 27.5 million monthly active users.

No. 4: FishVille

It looks like people love to raise fish. The number 2 and 3 spots are taken by games related to fishery. Fishville is another Facebook game that allows you to build virtual aquarium. FishVille allows you to raise various kinds of fishes to earn money, which can be used to improve your water tank. From raising fish to feeding fish to netting fish to selling it, everything adds up to your experience that takes you to the next level. You can even visit your neighbors’ aquarium, and also help them keep their water tank clean.

This is yet another game developed by Zynga that witnessed around 6.7 million daily active users. This game has around 26 million monthly active users.

No. 5: Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars may has slipped to the number five slot in this list, but this by no mean has become less popular. On Facebook, this game has fallen down, but unlike other games that we discussed here, Mafia Wars can be played on other platforms (MySpace, Sonico, Tagged, and Yahoo!) as well.

In this game, you are required to raise a mafia family with the help of your friends. Engage in fight with other goons or other mafia leaders and get experience and money. You can also work as a contract killer to make some quick money. The money can be used to buy superior weapons, vehicles, and shields.

This game has won 2009 People’s Voice Webby Award. This super hit game has been developed by Zynga. It has a little more than 5.5 million daily active users and around 26 million monthly active users on Facebook.

No 6: Pet Society

Do you love pets? If your answer is yes then you are going to love this game. Pet society is a perfect game for the pet lovers. Play this game, decorate your home, indulge in activities like playing balls, jumping skipping ropes, and even bring gifts for your friends. Other than Facebook, you can play this game on MySpace, Bebo, and Cyworld.

This is the first Playfish game to make its way into the top 10 Facebook games of 2009. It has more than 4.8 million daily active users, and more than 26.2 million monthly active users.

No. 7: Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker is a variation of standard poker game. This game is as exciting as any game of poker would be, and the good news is you can play this game on Facebook for free. Are you worried about the chips? Don’t worry, you will get some free every day. So, win, multiply, and enjoy.

This Zynga has more than 4.8 million daily active users, and around 21 million monthly active users.

No. 8: Farm Town

This game is just like FarmVille. You can grow crop, trees and livestock, harvest, and sell them in the market. You can send and receive gifts in this game as well. Decorate your farm and see what your friends are doing.

This game has been designed by SlashKey, and it has 4.25 million daily active users and 18.2 active monthly users.

No. 9: YoVille

YoVille is the city version of FarmVille. You get a home here which you need to decorate by buying different stuffs from the money you earn by doing various jobs in the city. You can meet friends, go to work, and do several other things. This game is not as exciting as FarmVille, but it is exciting enough to keep you occupied for hours.

This is another Zynga games that has close to 3 million daily active users, and slightly more than 18 million active monthly users.

No. 10: Restaurant City

This Playfish game is at the 10th spot in the list. It is like the Café World where you get a restaurant to manage. You can design and decorate your restaurant. Hire your friend to help you make your restaurant talk of the town. This game has 4.1 million daily active visitors, and 16.15 million monthly active visitors.

This brings us to the end of the Top 10 Facebook games of 2009. In 2009, Zynga is ruling the Facebook games’ market, hands down. It would be interesting to see how it fares in 2010.

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